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    Website which displays IP

    Or this one easy to keep in mind.
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    Who want to put some ISO´s on my FTP

    If someone is intrested to put some CD32 or YES Amiga CDTV games on my FTP please feel free to up them on my FTP. There´s no good CD32 or CDTV FTP out, or is there one?? I own a Amiga CDTV but I can´t deal with rip´s at the moment, coz I don´t own a CD for it I also need to buy a remote...
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    Damn RIAA

    When you would use a CD Player with Digital Out and a PC Soundcard with digital in there should not be any differences between original and copy. The only problem is that you need a bit more time to copy a CD, but who cares... It would be like in the old days when people copied CD´s to tape..
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    Games that support link cable

    I´m speaking of direct link. Which games can I play with two saturns?? I only get Doom to run
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    Games that support link cable

    hi! Today I got my Saturn Link Cable and tried to play some games with it. The only game I got to run was Doom. Didn´t games like Daytona USA CCE, Duke 3d, Quake.... support the link cable?? What games support it??
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    Grass jelly drink

    What the f*** is grass jelly?? hmm Something like canabis, ganja? Or am I completely wrong.
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    Space invaders '91, '95, x

    Space invaders '91, '95, x Was one of therse games released for Saturn? Space Invaders '91 Space Invaders '95 Space Invaders X (I know it from a friends Playstation) I know that Space Invaders (original) was ported to Saturn.
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    Great new board!

    Yes, you´re right! I love it! It´s much more fun and easier to work with it. The only worse thing is the actual colour sheme. I liked the old more than the actual. But Arakon works on it
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    Winme r0x me

    I had Win98SE + all updates for it running on my PC (AMD K6-2 350, 128MB) it worked nice but now I´m really happy with Windows 2000 pro. Too bad I can´t run my PC at night coz I can´t sleep when all 3 HDD´s are running. Win2K pro runs well without crashing. Every day 16 hours I use it as...
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    Oh dear...

    I better would buy a Commodore One and put it into the box ! I WANT one!!
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    What CD writer should I buy

    Really? Nice idea from Goldenhawk :) To Skankin Monkey: Yeah, HP were nice writers. My first was a HP Surestore 7100i (2x,2x,6x). What a lot of money I had paid for it in 1997 Now I´ve connected it as a CD-ROM to my C64. [Yes thats possible ;) ]
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    What CD writer should I buy

    Hi, yes I have the Teac W54E IDE CD-writer. Generally I play to buy a writer that is faster than 4x. But what do I wrong to burn Nights into dreams with my writer. I open the Bin+Cue in CDR-WIN and burn it on CD. After burning CD the Data tracks and ALTHOUGH audio tracks aren´t able to...
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    What CD writer should I buy

    Do all these "cheap" new writers support that feature that is needed to create those BIN+CUE CD´s? Do you have the model name of the lite on or BTC in mind? Is Lite On really good? I had two CD Rom´s from Lite On 32x and a 40x both died.. strange thing.
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    What CD writer should I buy

    I´m planning to buy a new CD writer that supports RAW BIN+CUE writing. That is needed to burn games like Nights into Dreams... At the moment I only have a 4x 4x 32x Teac writer. Which writers do support these MODE1+2 writing as BIN+Cue with CDR-WIN? Any good writers I could buy?
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    Game/Hardware Manuals

    Hmm, yes PDF´s are fine. I think the only problem is that not everybody got Adobe Acrobat (not the reader). I mean the program to create PDF´s from OCR. I´m not sure, but is there other software that can create PDF´s from scans.. I have Xerox Text Bridge, not sure if that´s able to...