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    Lunar Eternal Blue

    thats the SCD version and it plays in gens as cd and as iso, the 2 audio tracks are not really needed they are only an addon, all ingame music is in the iso.
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    how many japenes 32x games were released

    It was Darxide. Look also here for a list of 32X games
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    The panzer dragoon series...(need advice)

    And a large part of the story is explained in PDS in all the books and docs in the game.
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    Two Players in Virtua Racing Deluxe

    I was talking about the 32X version too.
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    Two Players in Virtua Racing Deluxe

    Virtua Racing Deluxe works fine with my MD1, MD2 even with my Multimega with 2 players, probably your cartridge is defect.
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    A new Sega Saturn problem?

    It's a coil and replacing it by a wire can probably shorten the life of some parts.
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    How many MP3 tracks in Lunar II rip?

    track2: 4min 49sec 60f track3: 5min 59sec 56f but there is no need for editing, these tracks are not used in the game
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    Anyway to...

    If you use IE hold the ctrl key when you refresh the page or you will get this unbelieveable speed. It was quite accurate for me (96kB max normally) : approximately 760 Kbps or 95 K bytes/sec. By simple reloading the page: 2272.7 K bytes/sec (would be nice to have this)
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    How to replace the dreamcast battery

    There is no battery in the way the saturn had. Just some kind of accumulator for holding your bios settings for a few months. It recharges every time your dc is switched on. And no I have no idea how to replace it if it's broken.
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    FMV question

    FMV in Grandia on Saturn better than on PSX ??? Did you ever play it on PSX, it looks much better there. Maybe you didn't play it with an RGB cable, there is a HUGE difference.
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    Will I be able...

    Only known exception so far is Heart of the Alien (US). It will only boot with a MegaDrive/Genesis at 60 Hz.
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    Genesis to RGB (scart)

    Arakon, Mikes picture is exactly what I wrote. The sync is on pin 5 of the male connector (gamesx pic / pin 4 - female mikes pic). And the unused pin 7 in Mikes picture (pin 1 gamesx) is the switching voltage.
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    Damaged Rars >_<

    The recovery record will only work if there are more then on file in the archive. With only one file, like in bin/cue rips (ok, don't mind the cue file here) it's nearly useless. And Burning Rangers is a bin/cue rip AFAIK. (Edited by Shinji at 12:14 pm on Mar. 7, 2002)
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    Genesis to RGB (scart)

    I checked the layout from gamesx on my original scart cable and it seems that the 5v and Sync pin are switched in the picture, 5V should be on pin 1 and Sync on pin 5 (male connector). Here the layout from my cable. 7 R -> 15 3 G -> 11 8 B -> 7 6 audio -> 2 and 6 5 sync -> 16...
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    Games that support Sat>Sat link cable?