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    Snk Vs Capcom Chaos For Dreamcast

    sorry about that hermano, but at least we got more mails and signatures right? :lol:
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    Snk Vs Capcom Chaos For Dreamcast bump and here is a petition as well
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    Panzer Dragoon Mini

    I picked it up at a used game shop visting my brother in japan, it is like space harrier just not as good, I would suggest just getting that. As for going price I have no idea, I payed only a little bit for it I think it was like $10 dollars american but I really don't remember.
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    Snk Vs Capcom Chaos For Dreamcast

    ---Do your part send an email to asking for Snk Vs Capcom Chaos for Dreamcast--- Judging playmore's continued support of the dreamcast via the KOF series it is safe to say that there is a possibility of them porting this awesome fighter to dreamcast. So please guys, do...
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    Whats the funniest anime you have seen so far?

    i like golden boy
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    is it a point and click game or like a shooter?
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    HS graduation present

    gp32 some defunct game system you always wanted paintball gun i dunno...
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    I am looking for corpse killer on 3do, does anybody know where I can buy it, definetely where I can buy it not the I heard or usually where. Because I have looked on ebay w/o avail. I am willing to buy it on this board to so just speak up. Also I want to buy this game because it looks SOOOOO...
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    Sony Handheld

    I personally I am just getting a gp32 I will just sell my ngpc and games and get it emulated on their, and play my SNES games on their for free. Plus the mp3 playback is cool.
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    Sony Handheld

    Knowing Sony 90% of the specs will probably be BS. Longlive the NGPC!
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    Neo Geo Clones

    I think the 512 mb ram, would be ideal it would be more than ample, I would like to find out how the gamestation was made in order to better understand how this would be done.
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    Do You Prefer This Forum to....The other one?

    I go to sometimes but I like this one, everyone is reallly rude there. What do you guys think?
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    Where To Get Cheap?!?!?!

    Hey Where Can I Get Cheap- Saturn, Neo CD, Dreamcast and NeoGeo Pocket games? I am wondering offline, in the St.Louis area also I am looking for online if you cant tell me where off. PLEEZ IF YOU KNOW WHERE THERE ARE CHEAP SATURN GAMES TELL ME :help (They dont have to be rare just cheap) -THANX-
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    (i'm sure) its been asked before but I'll repeat i

    (i'm sure) its been asked before but I'll repeat i Metal Slug - Japan and I cant think of anyothers cuz I think they were all multiregional if from USA or Europe <_<
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    8 meg expansion cart? How about 64!!!!!!

    Has anyone homebrewed a ram cart? How much is possible, 24, 64, 256?!?!?! I was just wondering I believe it would e a really cool project to do. -thanx-