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    Component Video Cables

    I have an RGB to Component converter, cost me about $80AUD. very good when using it on a good TV. My Panasonic 68cm had the same quality as an arcade monitor when using the converter box (I tried to find faults but just cauldn't). I now have a 42" plasma but it cannot display Interlaced signals...
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    Slim PS2 Reliability Problems?

    it's wired that they kept the ide bus but didn't make use of it. I might get my local mod chip guy to install one for me,
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    PS2 slimline quirks

    yep, because the PStwo doesn't have the hard drive feature....but there is a mod to fix that as well. I'd say your copy of stuntman might be damaged. Try hiring it out at the video shop to see if the rental copy does the same thing.
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    Prepare to drool..

    *Holds Out thine holy hand grenade*
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    "Revolution"ary price structure

    I just bought a gamecube 2 weeks ago for $99 AUD (brand new). I've been scoping out eb for pre owned games. Currently have starfox, metal gear solid, rez zero, and viewtiful joe. Man, I always used to hate the cube cause of its controller but after playing you find they are very comftrble. (i'm...
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    Dell is Retarded...

    yes, don't buy dell. I work for the company that distributes all the orders. Infact, i'll take a photo of all the dell I have to sift through tomorrow :(
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    I borrowed it for the cube (I heard the ps2 version has a few less gfx) today. It's a very strange game game. I wouldn't really say it has limited gameplay just cause you can't roam around. It just isn't that kind of game.
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    Brand new controllers

    Hey all. The other day I went to a place called "cash converters" (a pawn style shop in australia with lots of outlets). I was just having a look around to see if anyone had viewful joe for GC cause i've been wanting to play it. Anyway, as I was looking I noticed a stack of controllers in one...
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    So I Bought a Saturn

    my modded saturn has a sanyo board. it works fine. atm though I need to mod my model 1.
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    Crisis Zone (Time Crisis) PS2 & Arcades

    Crisis Zone (Time Crisis) PS2 & Arcades I just bought it today. The reason the screen fogs up is to inscrease the guns accuracy. The brighter the screen is the more accurate the gun is. So, instead of you having to adjust your tv settings it automativly brightens it. Also, I found the game is...
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    Sonic 3D Blast - Dodgy Saturn CD or Rare beta?

    ummm, if it is a bootleg disc you wouldn't sell it on ebay. They don't take kindly to that sort of thing.
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    Just got an RGB scart to component converter! :O

    nooo, take away the price of components!! It makes me feel sad that I spent $100 :( Oh well, I think it was worth it. I just showed my mate the difference with my dreamcast composite cable and the adapter. omg my eyes hurt!!! :D
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    Someone with an open US or jap saturn

    ah, that's all good then. next time I open the saturn up, (probably to install the 20pin chip that I'll order soon) i'll throw up a quick guide so model 1 people like me can stop asking how to do the 60hz mod :D ;)
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    Someone with an open US or jap saturn

    any news mal?
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    Someone with an open US or jap saturn

    nobody? i'm sure that they don't just have a blob of solder joining the 2 jumpers.