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    Upcoming new VC options

    Now that I think about it even games like Cruisn' USA (the arcade game) would be ported because the Wiimote can be used like a steering wheel; and that includes other games that use a special controller like boxing games or shooters (like the House of the Dead games).
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    Capcom : first VC games

    I wonder I we will see some CP2 2 games on the VC, like Marvel VS Capcom because I love that kind of games and pretty much any cross-over ;D.
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    Upcoming new VC options

    I can't wait to get a Wii but the downloadable stuff will be a problem as I don't have an internet connection at home. I hope Nintendo also release arcade games for the VC, that would be awesome ;D.
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    Collecting Nintendo links

    How about There are lots of wii related stuff, there's even an application which lets you use the Wii remote as a mouse! :o
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    1 month without any post :(

    It's sad to see how the members abandoned this site (me included), but maybe they're on summer vacation (I was until some days ago) and don't have any PC with internet close to them (like I did) I'll try to come more often (and post stuff) but as I don't have a internet connection at home It'll...
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    Super Mario Paper Wii new shots !!!

    This game looks awesome. Mainly because it fuses the classic way of playing Mario games and the Paper Mario HP system. I will definitively get this game after getting a Wii.
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    Rumour : new wiimote and Firefox on Wii ?

    I don't know a lot about the wiimote, but adding a rechargeable battery would be good enough for me.
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    3 New VC games

    It's good to see some classics back :). which kirby game are you talking about, is it Krby's Dreamland 3?
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    Soundtrack Request Thread

    Hi, it's me again. This time I'm looking for Pokémon XD.
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    Soundtrack Request Thread

    Hi, does anyone know where can I find the score of the pokémon movies? I can only find the score of the first movie and the soundtracks.
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    Super Paper Mario GC cancelled

    II was hoping that I could play more Paper Mario side-scrolling adventures in my GCN, like in the 4 levels included in The Thousand Year Door :(.
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    PC - Super Mario Blue Twilight DX

    Thanks, I can't wait to try this, if you find more (fan made) games like this one please tell us.
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    DVD-enabled Wii in 2007 ?

    This reminds me of the DVD enabled GCN that Panasonic (or should I say Matsushita?) made some time ago.
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    Favorite Emulators

    In my PC: ZSNES for SNES, Nester for Nes and VBA for GB In my phone: vNes for NES, vBoy for GB, Picodrive for Genesis and vSun for SNES Playing GBC in my phone is very nice, especially because of the backlight :D .
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    Sad news NX may close soon *UPDATED*

    I hope NX stays online. It has everything I would want on a Nintendo page: forums, lots of downloads and other stuff I would hardly (perharps never) find on other sites.