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    I forgot to mention I beat the game several weeks ago. Yes Balkan is the 1st boss to really get tough. The most useful powerup I found was the "Pushya." Unlike other powerups, Pushya doesn't take away energy when you use it(it pushes enemies away from you). With it, you can push the Balkans away...
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    Medusa can only be hurt by if you hit her on her back. She will be running in a clock-wise circle. Make sure you put yourself a bit to the right side of the opening(where you will see her running around). This way, the wall will block her shots to you, and you will have open shots to her back as...
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    I don't scan bud. The light poles replenish your yellow, red, green(levels). Now, stamina replenishes itself by just standing still. But ALL y/r/g levels replenish in the main oasis. The light poles have an eyeball on them, showing how much energy it has left to give. If the eyeball can't...
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    no problemo. Actually, if you're starting a new game, the manual suggests you remain close to the Doasis(where you heal and "talk" to the other characters). From a new jump, killing the lower droids won't increase your rank(the number on the top right hand corner of your HUD), but according to...
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    Fakk, i haven't beat it yet. Between ul/dl/ripping, and BAD DUMPS, (oh and movies) hard to fit gaming in sometimes. Also depends how far you've gotten. Here is what I've got in terms of strategy, starting from a "new jump." Don't waste your time killing/Huffman'ing the droids with the lowest...
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    Immercenary US release, but apparently rare on the ftp scene. I got it years ago w/box & instructions. A trully "immersive" action adventure that I recently got into when I took my 3do out of the dust. Now a bit older and wiser, I may actually finish it. A well thought out game, with the key...
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    burn 2048 iso w/out a cue?

    Boy, nothing like a bad dump to ruin your day i've dl a couple of iso's from the codeman's ftp that turn out to be dumped in 2048 format. Now, if it were a saturn game, this wouldn't be a problem. I'd simply change the .bin extension to iso, drop it into dj or ez cd pro and away with it. This...
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    CD Recorder problem

    if you want another alternative, load the image's cue sheet with daemon tools, then make a "cd reader to cd recorder" copy using dj or cdrwin, or ur program of choice. I had a similar problem one time i tried burning at 1 or 2x speed, but the error message said buffer under-run. Hope this helps.
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    Looking back at an old gamefan mag recently, i saw an ad in the back with one of the characters in loaded, titled Blood Factory (Jap import), i believe. But haven't seen any Reloaded for saturn.
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    Metal Black & Gun Frontier cue fix :)

    Metal Black & Gun Frontier cue fix :) First of all folks, make sure you don't have these two games that were uploaded by "Matze" - very bad dump and these cue files won't work on those. How do you know if you have this bad dump? If you got it from Ralos, it's bad. The folder will have...
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    Radiant Silvergun cd-r problems

    I second that Arakon
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    TryRush Deppy BIN image without the CUE

    if you don't mind experimenting, you could always simply rename the .bin extension to iso, then burn it with EAsy CD Creator(I have version 4, with all the proper updates). Just choose "data cd," and once the program opens, select, File/Burn image, load it and burn without changing any of the...
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    re: terra cresta from Ralos

    thanks guys, i used sega cuemaker(guess i should've included that in the post). The Ralos dl is made up of 5 ace files, ul'd from "slain." The sounds fx are fine, it's the background audio that is a bit out of sync, that's all. I noticed sega cuemaker produces cue sheets always in the same...
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    re: terra cresta from Ralos

    anyone else notice the audio sync is off for this set of iso+mp3's? I'm requesting a working cue, or an alternative fix. thanx in advance for any help p.s. I used the forum search b4 posting w/out any luck in addition, all the mp3s play fine, no 2 seconds of blank space in either mp3s or...
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    Groove on fight

    Ah yes DBoy I read a previous reply of yours regarding this issue. It's my understanding that the blanks are added somewhere during the mp3-wav conversion, OR when the iso is binchunked. Also, it's not a problem with most games I have. Just a few have some issues. Take Gun Frontier for example...