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    WTF happened, the sequel?!?

    1 f-bomb is PG-13. any more than 1 f-bomb is R-rated in the US. so assuming that there is another F-bomb SOMEWHERE in this site, we are officially rated R. I'm not the biggest fan of the US' rating system.
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    What Media Player do you use?

    On my PC I use Mediamonkey, and occasionally itunes for music, and VLC for video. I also use XBMC for viewing/listening to media on the TV/stereo. and away from home I have an iRiver h120 flashed with Rockbox for music.
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    Funny Ebay Auctions

    kinda like natural selection i hope. hopefully anyone stupid enough to bid on that will be so mad that they steer clear of ebay for a long time. what i think is funny is that he offers insurance on a cardboard box. haha.
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    What are you listening to?

    mmmmmm, postal service :) I'm listening to the new Matt Costa E.P., The Elasmosaurus. right now its on track 1, The Ballad of Miss Kate.
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    now that you mention it, the motorcycle sequences werent all that great. I did like the mix of MGS stealth and action though. I thought the two elements were balanced very well. And even though the plot itself was nothing to write home about, the way it was presented was original enough to...
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    Very cool game. In fact, one of my favorites on the dreamcast. Its just a shame that it never got a US release on the DC. Anyone play the sequel?
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    Dreamcast test

    I was thinking the same thing
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    oh, it must be that obscure classic gradient killvergun
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    Weird problem connecting to the internet

    we already tried power cycling the modem and resetting the router multiple times. I will check the specific error on firefox next time I go over, but i think it was something like "Unable to connect to host"
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    Weird problem connecting to the internet

    I'm helping some friends of mine capture all their old videos and edit them into dvds, and they have an HP media center PC (3 ghz p4, running XP media center edition) which at some point had its DVD burning software deleted. So we used the revert hard drive partition to reinstall all the...
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    Canned games for Saturn?

    somehow i doubt metal gear solid was anywhere past talk on the saturn.
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    Game Gear TV tuner

    yeah, I'd think youd be better off getting a stand alone portable TV. perhaps with a better screen, and even a little smaller.
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    i like how it says NBA JAM tournament edition on the floor of that screanshot.
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    i got 24 on the saturn quiz...
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    What Media Player do you use?

    i still use winamp lite. tried itunes and couldnt stand it. dont give me any more than the basics, because i dont want it. I dont watch a lot of video on my computer, but when I do i will use the divx playa, wmp, or quicktime depending on the format.