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    Splatterhouse 2

    This is a great game. I remember how much I enjoyed it back in the early 90`s. Too bad that the enemies were a little hard to beat after level wasnt easy
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    What Are The Best MegaDrive Games?

    So far I´ve bought 2 that I always wanted! - Zero Wing - SWIV (similar to firepower 2000 on snes) I love shooters!
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    Fusion vs. Gens

    I like gens much better...
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    Did i do good?

    TMNT:HH can easuily go over $20 US on you definitely did a good buy
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    All renovation games are cool, and this game is no exeption
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    Rarity of early Mega Drive / Genesis?

    Model 1 is a little less common than a model 2, but its FAR FAR away from being a rare or uncommon item
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    Estimate how many games were made?

    Check out the online rarity database from, it has the answer for ALL these questions. BTW, there were 706 genesis games comercially released in the US
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    collecting md / gen games

    I cant believe nobody here mentioned the rarity/price from Go check out their "Only data base", its really awesome.
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    Guilty Gear X

    this was a great game in dreamcast, the graphics were just like in a cartoon, i loved it
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    TRADING: how is it done?

    I will have to make my offer again!!! 6 sonic 1 cartridges plus a bag of cheetos ...sounds like a fair offer for a boxed nomad :lol:
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    TRADING: how is it done?

    BTW im looking for a new sega nomad...i have 6 copies of Sonic 1 to offer...please PM me
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HH

    THis was one of Konami`s first games for Genesis. Its a good game, but the SNES Turtles`s game is much better.....still, its worth a play..even though its very easy to finish!
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    Looking for Dynamite duke.. for genny

    I do, please contact me if interested :)
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    Can someone help?

    Forget about vgrebirth. Check out the rarity lists over at, theyre available with estimated pricing for every game, a short description of the game and a rarity rating, and best of all, they have them for most systems, and theyre free in PDF format! :) :cheers
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    Anyone here starting school again?

    NO more school for me.....i finished college 1 year ago! :lol: