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    Sega CD Action-RPGs

    Although I quite enjoy Shining Force, Final Fantasy etc. I really, really love the Zelda style of RPG (a lot of people wouldn't even consider them RPGs). So I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Sega CD has any of these "Action-RPGs" where you don't fight battles, but hack and slash...
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    megametalgreyman: We had the MegaPC here in Australia in about 1993. It didn't sell very well because it cost the same to buy a 486 and a Mega Drive seperately than the 386 Mega PC. I remember the commercial - a kid was playing Sonic and his business-suited dad comes in and kicks him off to...
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    A/V Cable - PAL vs NTSC

    I do have a SCART input on my TV. I tried making a genesis output to scart connector a few months ago but I stuffed it up :)
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    A/V Cable - PAL vs NTSC

    Yes, RCA inputs. I don't think there should be a problem either, as it is sending and receiving a PAL signal, I was just worried that the cables might have some kind of booster in them that would be incompatible. Matt
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    As 'Megazone', an old Australian sega magazine once said: "Landstalker is the hugest, most amazing RPG ever to be slotted into the Megadrive" It's my favourite game of any console.
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    A/V Cable - PAL vs NTSC

    I am in Australia and have a PAL Genesis 1 (mega drive). My RF output is stuffed and I get a fuzzy picture, but I have found genesis A/V cables on american web sites. I just want to know if there will be any colour/sync issues if I use an american cable. Thanks!