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    3do Lives URL?

    Cheers, dude
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    3do Lives URL?

    I hope someone can help me. My hard drive fried the other day and with it went the URL for the 3do lives forum. If someone could let me know the address it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. TjW
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    Night Trap FMV?

    It came out for the sega cd first. It was supposed to be sega's killer game that would convert us all to their console. Then the 3do got an identical version with slightly better fmv.
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    new rare 3do game online!!!!

    Sorry dude. When you said website, I didn't think you meant that popular ftp site.
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    new rare 3do game online!!!!

    Any chance you could let me know what your website address is? This game sounds fun
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    3DO Beta & Cancelled Games

    3DO Beta & Cancelled Games Of those games, I know that the following were released: BC Racer- Awful Driving game PGA Tour- Not bad but very slow Return fire: Maps of death- Add on for original game I'm also pretty sure that Mike Ditka also came out. Disruptor was moved to the playstation...
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    I don't know. it's pissing me off. If only my telecom service would bring broadband to my area then I could offer a service to the greatest console on earth.
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    Can't connect. Oh well
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    What are some good 3DO ftps?

    Looks good, but there doesn't seem to be anything there