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    Sega CD Lens Power

    I've adjusted a Model 2 US NTSC Sega CD to read CDRW. It has played impressivly for a little over a year, with at least once a month use. It's common use is CDRs, but still plays originals and CDRWs just the same. The model 2 NTSC has a 5th orange dial on the laser gun itself. The "orange...
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    Funny Ebay Auctions Diablo II CD key
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    Internet Connection Sharing with DC Is this the site that was originally referenced? I've tried this with Win2k pro. When I have my modem connection created I get intermediate stalls in Windows. It's as if my computer freezes every 5 seconds. When I got to this point I just deleted...
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    Burning ISOs without cuesheets?

    Just mount the image with "Daemon Tools" and make a CD copy of the virtual CD-ROM.
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    My Sega Cd batt is dead

    oh wow, I better finish up Lunar the Silver Star before my SegaCD goes dead!! I have not played it in a few months!!
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    My Sega Cd batt is dead

    hmmm, so the segacd's battery is recharged by the system? I didn't know that.
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    I got my music CD settlement check? Did you?

    Did anyone else apply for the settlement against the CD music companies? If not, too late now. I got my chunk of the victory in the mail today, for a whopping $13.86 US of course ;) The accompanying letter read: Ha! In a time when the RIAA sues 500...
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    I work with old people!

    It's an art exhibit in Venice.
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    I work with old people!

    That's what stubborn old people turn into! :devil
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

    I can't see his left hand well, but I noticed his right hand finally found that useful cupholder in the drawer.
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    I work with old people!

    wow, the programmers without PCs? It's hard to imagine from my perspective. I've always considered programming an art form. Heh, but most artist are a bit "freaky in their ways". . . haha, there does that sound better! ;) Artistic
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    I work with old people!

    "Yet" It's a small word, but with a very useful meaning. :P Old people get stubborn and stuck in their ways. I just think you have an advantage in life if you try not to get to comfortable in "your ways." If I was head of that IT department, I would hope that the employees were trying to stay...
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    I work with old people!

    I have yet to meet a mechanic that doesn't own a car? :looney Or a musician that doesn't own a radio. Or an author that doesn't own a book!! I'd kick those old farts in the ass and tell them to get with the times. Old people are cool, . . . when they aren't so "old." Modern old people are the...
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    VCR Recording speeds..

    I notice a degrade in quality of sound first before video when using LP or SLP/EP. In my area of the US 6 hour tapes are common for SLP recording. Not that it's as noticable on modern VCRs or that it's that useful. However, another advantage of SLP is it offers a higher quality when you...
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    Anybody catch the Superbowl Halftime show?

    Wrong! Michael cut his face up to look like Janet. Janet doesn't look like Michael, Michael looks like .. . . . . freaky lady like. uh, yeah. so you have it backwards. :P