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    List of all bilingual Saturn games

    I am gonna check out Wizardry, never knew it could alternatively be played in English.
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    PSO network trial demo for PC

    ah, gotcha.
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    build your own saturn

    You raise an interesting point @Cobradile
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    PSO network trial demo for PC
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    Some megadrive mini news !

    Exploitable hardware for a pretty penny. I think I will pass. The only way I could see a positive from releasing classic consoles is if they make the hardware native to specific software. But then again, emulation is at the forefront and I think the future of gaming to be honest. But I am just a...
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    SEGA Saturn 25th Anniversary Game Competition

    Hey I check this forum every once in a while :P
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    Angel's Egg (1985)

    This is a really good art style and has lots of deep meaning and thinking behind it. Any other fans?
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    they are waving flank steaks in our face and just enjoy watching us salivate?
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    Do you visit the #SegaXtreme IRC channel on EFNet?

    never been to it... I need to get back mIRC?!
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    linux vs Windows vs MAC OSX?

    I have struggled with this conundrum for a long time now. And I think for once I am finally accepting the fact that I like and appreciate the aesthetic of non-corporate thinking. That being said, microsoft is the king of compatibility, especially with gaming.
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    Best/Favorate Windows Version

    I think windows 7 will always be my favorite. But I am adjusting just fine to windows 10.
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    What is your IQ?

    How well you are able to accept information is the beginning of knowledge.
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    Wachenroder translation

    I was hoping I might get a response from you :P really admire your work. Going to experiment and test some hex editors and see if this is a realistic project for myself.
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    dracula for sega cd, from sega visions