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    How to make a cue sheet for Christmas Nights?

    Ok, so I missed one. I searched for Christmas Nights, Nights.. Nothing came up. Sorry for being so imperfect.
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    How to make a cue sheet for Christmas Nights?

    Argh.. Two Data tracks? I can't seem to burn it right. All I get is coasters..
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    Ripping PSX Grandia text, put in Saturn Grandia

    I was wondering if anyone ever considered/wanted to do this. I am. I am one of those Saturn zealots that hates PSX With a little rewrite of the asinine Sony traslation, all Saturn owners could enjoy the REAL Grandia.
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    Saturn won't load anything!

    Saturn won't load anything! Maybe the wall plug you pluged them into killed them... Was it the same plug? Maybe it's not giving enough power? Or maybe it gave too much and fried them.
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    How to pronounce Ikaruka.....

    A = Ah I = Ee U = Uu (A long O sound) E = Ay (is in dAY) O = O (Short O sound) All Japanese words are made up of characters/syllables that retain the same sound. Unlike English, where we mash the syllables of letters into words. Ikaruga would sound like Icka-rug-a in English. It's really...
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    Discworld 2 for Saturn (UK) - 60hz compatible

    Hey all, I recently picked up Discworld 2 for Saturn, never knew it existed. It seems to be 60hz compatible, though, I wouldn't be so sure as to tell how.. There are no large black boarders on the top and bottom of the screen. Seems to run at 60hz.. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I purchased it...
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    Yeah, Tomb Raider is a classic ... pile of shit. Fear anyone rating the Tomb Raider games over Snatcher/Policenauts... P.S. Hideo may be overrated nowadays, but Snatcher and Policenauts?.. Pure quality. Tomb Raider? Cheap rehash worm shit. P.S.S. Funny thing, putting Tomb Raider the movie in...
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    No more swap trick?!!

    What a cheap way just to play copied games. Heh.
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    Looking for Sega japanese scripts (Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn)

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any resources or links to scripts of untranslated Japanese Sega games. I would really perfer Genesis games, as no one likes to translate those, only SNES. Not only that, but they are simpler then Saturn games, but I am not against Saturn scripts at all...