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    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks Guys :) Lordy i still will :flamethrower: :cheers
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    Genesis Wars

    You know i've always been interested in Genesis Wars progress :)
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    Tom Cruise Killed Oprah There is audio with it :D Funniest thing i've seen in a while on the net :)
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    Xbox division down $4 billion Interesting article i found when googling. It says the Revolution will not support HD and they are more or less being accused of their lack of vision like when they disregarded the online gaming console boom. Google finds quite a lot of...
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    europe are better at creating games than the japan

    KuKzz inaccurately quoted me, you can see this by the poor grammar he used. :)
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    Xbox division down $4 billion Will the Xbox 360's early release help clear this debt? :wanker
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday ye olde brother in arms :cheers
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    Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP

    Only a matter of time before it overtakes the DS in japan. also what is Japan an even smaller island in the pacific :owned
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    Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP :agree
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge! :rockin: :banana :agree
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    Segaxtreme on PSP :)

    It's faster and more functional than the wipeout pure browser and it will always be subject to update in future firmwares :)
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    Segaxtreme on PSP :)

    Icey held me at gun point :flamethrower: If anyone has a psp and updated their firmware, the additional WPA encryption does not work with Twisted Metal: Head On and Wipeout: Pure. This quite simply means if you want to play your games online you have to use the crappy defunct cracked WEP...
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    Segaxtreme on PSP :)

    [attachmentid=1394]Segaxtreme on PSP :) :agree
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    What is the best looking SCI-FI spaceship?

    The Prometheus :D
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    Three word story game

    Pond of ducks