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    Fellow 3do fans

    Yeah .....look at ebay you'll see how many ppl IN LOVE with that console ! :agree MANY
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    What video games are you playing at the moment?

    Metroid Fusion GBA as of Nov 8 ... level 4
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    PSO Disappearing?

    PSO ..... well ... I say EverQuest !
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    AMIGA CD 32

    so it's like 20$ US ... hmmm I am about to start collecting CD32 games :]
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    .Setting up the Burn

    I burn all my games at 24x ... no problems .... Anyone can tell me y 4x is better in anyway .... I mean in digitally all info on CD exact on 24x or 4x what's the point ...Thanks !
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    Gens being bitchy

    Just get latest ASPI from Adaptic site ...... 2.71 is latest !
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    FTP Advertisment :)

    Come on people someone actually download the file ?
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    Yeah I don't like 3 ... I use 2.8 ...
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    FTP Advertisment :)

    This is not FTP Client Advertisment it's my Personal animation ..... just about my FTP and SX in general
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    FTP Advertisment :)

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    FTP Advertisment :)

    Well FTPs are VERY popular BUT ... how to promote ?... I GOT ANSWER HERE: Waiting for tons of replys
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    Golden Axe

    I really like that game on my 286 PC with 33 Mhz .... I love Golden Axe 3 ..... BTW ... that game did not made in to 3D ..... something to think about !
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    Sonic The Hedgehog

    My First game on Genesis .... I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT ...... FAN FOREVER !
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    Every Sega Fan Should Like This

    September 5, 2002 ..... realese day... I think
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    gah, stupid auction at ebay

    UPS Always work for me and I live in city with high UPS activity (Brooklyn)