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    Best/Favorate Windows Version

    Wassup? Poll needs an update. Missing a few options.
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    Just got a Sega Teradrive

    I doubt there to many other places on the net that'll have any info or care about this. I came with nothing but the computer itself. Anybody have any technical info or know anything about it other than whats on the net in a couple webpages? I did sucessfully get dos 6.22 and windows 3.1...
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    How old is SX ?

    Waaaazup? Graduated school for now, had a boy at the begining of the year. Still gaming. I bought a warehouse to stockpile arcade parts and attempt to fix machines. Hasn't panned out so well so far but Im still enjoying myself.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Wow the last six years have seemed to have gone by like a snap of the fingers. Crazy. Sorry I havent been very active here too much in the last few years. I proudly wear my t-shirt all the time though! Edit, wow 7 years.
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    So whats needed in the emulator code so it wont crash? If anybody could get ahold of Mask Of Destiney and ask him to send me a modified version of his transfer suite Id appreciate it. Or code one for me
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Ok I finally got ahold of Snake, heres what he said: Well last time I talked to anyone about this, TascoDeluxe (the man who seems to know everything about everything) was convinced that it actually contains two BIOSES, and the reason it freezes is because it switches to a different one...
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Hey whatever happened to this thread ? A bunch of people had come in and disected it argueing if I did a good job or not. Then they said I did.
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Well I have free time again, come on people lets make this happen.
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    Sega to Close Arcades, Cancel Games, Lay Off Hundreds

    I went to an an arcade in Vegas called funworks in November, It was a pretty sad state of affairs. Actually not because it was totally dead but because about a 1/3 of all the games werent working right. It costs about $10 per person for 3 hours, and I saw about 50 different people in there...
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    How old is SX ?

    I could swear I remember it talking about Sega Cd Iso rips in 1999. It was to scd as smspower is to sms.
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    How do you tell Sega from 3DO ALG Gamegun?

    What color is it? I think I remember most 3do guns being orange and Sega ones being blue.
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Op looks like somebody on the net dumped the 1.02 japanese version allready, I thought I was a little more ground breaking.
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Hopefully it will lead to better things Get it while you can: Dumped my cd backup ram cart it has some mega ld gamessaves on it A picture of it running on Fusion, it crashes(...
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    Do you think Mega-LD games will ever be emulated?

    everything I dump comes up as DDDDDDDD when I open it with wordpad, Ive tried dumping the bios, a cart and the cd back up ram cart
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    New Brazilian Master System

    I dont speak portugues so well and I played around on the websight for half an hour, how do you buy one and how much are they in USD?