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    DVD Playback help

    4-in-1 drivers have been installed. Bios updates... about the only thing I haven't tried is some bios hacking... I don't trust myself enough. Thankfully, the sound glitches aren't as frequent as they used to be, and the system doesn't lag to a screeching hault when trying to play a CD or...
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    Opinion: Best Hockey Game

    Well, it's not NHL All-Star Hockey, the first version (circa 1995, I believe). That was the biggest waste of $10 ever. Even Marv Albert commentary can't save it. And to think, at that time the company now known as Gamestop sold it for 99 cents. I was robbed. By my own stupidity.
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    DVD Playback help

    Hiya! I'm looking for advice/suggestions from people I DON'T know as to how to solve a problem with my computer and its pathetic DVD playback. My whimpy PII 266 laptop with a decoder card plays them infinitely better. Anyway, I have a pretty clear idea of what will solve the problem (motherboard...
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    Getting a new laptop

    I'm looking through a Tiger Direct catalog right now that has a very nice laptop for the low low price (I wish) of $1999. The manufacturer is P3 Direct (not particularly a household brand, but... Sometimes brand name does not equal quality). Here is what it comes with: P4 2.4 GHz 512MB DDR...
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    Old Pentium machine gets jitters playing MP3s

    This is what I would do, in no set order: 1. Get the lastest drivers for the sound card if you don't have them. 2. Possibly reinstall the sound drivers altogether. 2. Move the sound card to a different slot, if you can. IRQ conflicts are the pits. 3. If all else fails, . But you say...
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    :kicks self in head... repeatedly:

    I'll never understand the whole "friends with benefits" concept. For your friend to be angry at you says (to me) that his girlfriend/whatever was more to him than a "friend." Either that or he's reacting territorially... I donno. In general, most people don't like to see their recent ex-whatever...
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    Diversity in Gaming COmmunity

    Funny.. I was just talking about this to someone last night and noting the lack of women gamers, and in particular, a lack of them on these boards. I know there are a few, but they haven't popped up in a while. As for myself, I am a female of mixed European heritage, which in layman's terms...
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    Happy Birthday Taelon

    And to think when I first met ya you were only.. hmm... 23? Man it's been a long time! I already wished you a happy birthday elsewhere, but may as well here too. Happy Birthday!!! :cheers And by the way, 30 minutes to you is more like 2 hours in the real world.
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    19 years old!

    Happy Birthday!! :cheers But you're not ready to die yet. 26 is a whole lot suckier..
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    Anyone seen that Cyborg 009 show?

    I'm not sure what to think of it yet. People get kidnapped.. Evil organization turns them into cyborgs... Blah. They're taking their sweet time getting to character development, but it's only three episodes into the series, so.... Stylistically, it looks almost EXACTLY like Android Kikaider...
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    Case Mod Pictures

    Heh... I'm a late poster. Anyway, about the paint. It is made by Krylon, and the type is Mystique. It comes in this kit with black base coat, the color change, and clear top coat. The paint changes from black to green to blue to purple to magenta, depending on the light. They also sell it in...
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    Saturn and DC Case designs

    Thank you! To answer the question.. hmmm.. I don't know if you wanna count the time the paint took to cure or not. As for actual work put in, I would guess the Saturn case took about 2-3 hours. The Dreamcast case was a whole other monster. I messed up and started over again on the Sonic...
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    Case Mod Pictures

    Thanks, folks! Hmmm.. I guess for those who don't feel like clicking the link I'll do what I should've done in the first place instead of being a chicken. Case #1 Case #2 Um.. Enjoy and stuff! Or not....
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    What brought you to the SX forums?

    I assume you're talking about how much I paid for X-mas Nights. Yeah, I know it was a lot and a person could get it for a heckuvalot cheaper. Blame the bid wars. Went to sleep, and when I checked the next day, I had won, but it was WAAAAYYYY more than the last time I checked. I think it was $17...
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    What brought you to the SX forums?

    I bought my Saturn from Funcoland back in '99. Actually, I bought it for someone else but after testing it decided to keep it for myself. I played NiGHTS for about 6 months with no idea what the heck I was trying to do, since I was given no manual. After a while I got sick of it and searched...