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Easy 0GDTEX.PVR Tools v1.9d

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I've put together some tools to help anyone who owns a GDEmu and is sick of having games in there list that doesn't show the disc image to finally be able to add one, Now with these tools i've made you can very easily do the following:

Pastebin Link

Also included is my Easy PVR Manager containing every PVR file including custom ones i've done for games that had none.

I used the common TOSEC collection as a base for these tools so keep that in mind.

For my complete PVR image collection go to the forum version here:
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Latest updates

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    Made a slight tweak to the script to fix it on windows 10 and likely windows 11 as well as...
  2. Easy 0GDTEX.PVR Tools

    Updated scripts to prevent them from continuing unless the game folder is in 'GDI_GAMES'
  3. Easy PVR Manager to 1.8

    updated Easy PVR Manager as some of the app was cut off for some people so i've fixed it.