Phantasmagoria English Patch

Phantasmagoria English Patch 1.2.1

An uncensored version of the game like on the vintage PC version, you will see the longer intro video, the gory scenes and the controversial scene (rape scene).
The voices and texts (99%) fully translated into English.
Menu title changed from "Phantasm" to "Phantasmagoria".
Audio increased from 11025kps to 22050kps in full screen videos or 60% of game videos.

Version V1.3 will increase if possible all remaining audios from 11025kps to 22050kps and the last spoken sentences in the skeleton help will be fully translated.

The team behind this project is proud to be able to make this game finally playable on Saturn and all in English. LG30, Kitchen34, Ced2911, Anata, Vbt and KnightDragon.

This patch will also change the region to US.
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