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    how the heck do u burn these? what prog? ive been everywhere for the past 2 years trying to figure these out. ive made at least 30 frisbees. only thing ive been able to burn without a single problem were bin/cue's. o well. i'm trying to burn Popfull Mail for sega cd in iso/mp3. anyone have any...
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    Anyone Seen Naruto?

    i was just wondering, acouple of places are releasing the fansubs. Toriyama's World is prolly the best place though. they have 17 episodes subbed so far, and they usualy come out 2 days after they are aired in japan.
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    Sega saturn memory problem

    I have recently bought a sega saturn from a mom a pops store. after bringing the system home and playing a game for awile i noticed, after playing and saving the game, i am able to quit to the title screen and load the save up again. but after turning the power off to the console and turning it...