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    Anybody see this?

    Umm....don't know if it is ok here, but. just a heads up to this item being for sale.
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    Genesis CDX For Sale

    I am putting my back up Genesis CDX up for sale. Comes with A/C Adapter, AV Cable and One Controler. I will throw in 1 game, the 6 in 1 cart. Asking $50 plus shipping from 85296.
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    NeoGeo DC

    Has anyone tried this new emu for the dc? I understand that there is a 4 meg game size limit, but that it runs acceptably. Anyone checked it out yet?
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    pc fsb question

    Friend gave me an AMD XP 1.3 cpu and an Shuttle AK-12 mobo. The mobo has an auto-setting 200 mhz fsb. The cpu has a 266 mhz fsb. He wants me to mount the cpu for him but I don't want to fry anything. Will this cpu work on this mobo without frying it?
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    Cool web site

    I dont know if anyone has mentioned this site before, but check it out. Lots of cool giffs and avatars from a lot of games for many different consoles.
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    Port to dc

    Would any of the developers or programers care to offer an opinion as to whether it would be possible to port NeoRagex to the DC? I have about 50 games that I would love to play on my dc. I came across them recently in a yard/garage sale and bought the lot for $50. They are neogeo cd games and...
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    Whoot!!!Went out for lunch a little while ago and stopped at a gaming store. Grabbed a Nomad W\ac & car adaptor for $45. Only need battery pack and av cable. I'ze so happy!!
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    Lan-kwei testimonial

    As an experiment I ordered a 21 pin mod board for lan kwei. I chose the Speedpost option. Board arrived in 10 days. Took 10 minutes to install. made some copies of my games. They all booted fine. Speedpost delivery to Phoenix AZ w/lense extension cable was $26.
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    I may a little thick headed.....

    As I stated, I may be a bit behind, but I noticed, as I was making my rounds to gaming stores today, that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all lowered the prices of their consoles to $199. Anyone else notice this?
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    Burning soldier

    I am posting this here as it will be of most interest to 3DO owners. I recently purchased a box of about 200 used games w/25 used games for 3DO included. I find that I have an extra copy of Burning Soldier. It's used but good condition w/manual. Any of you regular members (ie. someone who is not...
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    Heres a weird one!

    A friend gave me a very clean original of Cyberia. But when I put it in my saturn it goes to the screen to play music cd's and a few seconds later a women's voice comes on warning that this is a sega cd game. The cd has sega saturn written all over it including the written copywrite. Any ideas...
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    Shining force on dc?

    I have a friend who claims there was a release of Shining Force on the dc. I have never seen or heard of this. Does one exist?
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    Big hello to all!

    Just wanted to say hi to all and have missed segaxtreme. Been in the hospitol for the last month. Had some tests that went wrong, ended up with a bad infection and required some surgery to fix. At home convalecing. Lots of changes. Like the new look. Am I wrong or have some of the rules changed...
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    Active users

    I don't know if any of you have noticed this as well, but if you click on the active users button, you may notice a trend among our guests. The vast majority of them seem to be interested mainly in the FTP forum. Hmmm! No wonder it is so hard to sign on to them.
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    Just a little piece of new's I picked up. It seems Babbagges/Funcoland has lowered the asking price for used sega nomads. Complete = $39.99.
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    3do Sound

    I picked up an fz-01 here last week. Once in a while the sound fuzzes out, almost like it's going through a blown speaker. I don't remember 3do sound being this bad. Any suggestions?
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    3do RF cable

    Been lookin around locally for a 3do rf cable. My question is, as I've had no luck in finding one, is there one from another system that would work?
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    Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

    I've been seeing this game a lot lately, in my game store rounds. Worth the purchase? Normally between $5-10 dollars. Also Last bronx and wing arms, Comments.............
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    I was reading game reviews on a japanese site......They described DOA as "a great milk shaking game". Hmmmmmm..........................?!?