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    Prototype Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive on eBay

    I remember seeing this on display back in 2000 (or was it 1999?) along with a DVD Player. I wonder if this is the exact unit I saw on display? I wonder what happened to the DVD player prototype? Sadly, at $4000 I have a hard time justifying the equivalent of 2 months in house payments to pay...
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    Resistor F1

    It's a fuse, hence the reason it's labeled F1. On a circuit board the standard electronic practice is to prefix resistor labels with an R as in R1, R2, R3, etc. Fuses are labeled with an F as in F1, F2, F3, etc. Maybe there was a reason why the fuse blew and the Dreamcast still won't boot.
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    Saturn dev dos Programs xp Compatible

    I use Virtual PC. Just setup a Virtual PC environment and install DOS 6 to it. Even though it is a virtual environment and performance is hindered it is still more then enough for those old DOS games.
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    JVC X'EYE S-Video modification?

    JVC X'EYE S-Video modification? You better look carefully at it yourself. 6 solder points translates to 3 sets of jumpers. There is no way it would work with one screwdriver shorting all of them together. You'll either need to solder the three jumpers or figure out how to hold three...
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    JVC X'EYE S-Video modification?

    JVC X'EYE S-Video modification? So exactly how did you short out three separate sets of jumper points with one screwdriver??? Try shorting them out properly with three separate jumpers.
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    And now for something completly different

    The NASA photos are enhanced to show the surface detail. Technically, the NASA photos are gray scale, not color. Anyone can obviously see the NASA photos show alot more surface detail. NASA actually stated that several times in some news reports. I don't know why someone is wasting his...
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    How To Tell Which Game Gear I Got...

    Nothing breaks, absolutely nothing happens. That's the problem. :(
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    How to MAKE a modboard ?

    Well, Surfin7, if you haven't gotten the hint yet after everything is said and done it would still be cheaper for you to buy a MOD chip then to make it. :blink:
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    JVC X'Eye Graphical Weirdness

    JVC X'Eye Graphical Weirdness I have a X'eye and I tried Sonic on it just to see whatever it is you say you are seeing. The game looks fines and I could not see any of the problems you mentioned. All things being equal, maybe there's just something wrong with your particular unit.
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    Nightmare Creatures II

    Alot of people ripping DC games are also customizing then in some fashion. (Changing music, intros, etc. For all we know the rip you downloaded was changed.
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    Want to trade for "modded" consoles..

    You already have two Playstations and Two Saturns....Why don't you MOD the consoles you have yourself?
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    New Forum is teh shit.

    The only problem I have with the new forum layout is the bad choice of colors. The default Black text on Blue, or Light Blue text on a Dark Blue background is just damn hard on the eyes after a while. It may look cool but I would assume you'd want people to actually be able to read everything.
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    Too Good To Be True

    Here's a sure sign that it's a fake... Quote from the site "There are currently 32,679 retail game titles available and 418 shareware game titles and this does not include; adult, casino, sequels and new releases in past 6 months" ...for a console that hasn't been released yet and nobody knew...
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    How to burn Last Bronx?

    I downloaded the files off of Edge's FTP site. Here is the CUE sheet. Changing the pregap to 00:03:00 for track 2 did not work by the way. Thanks everyone. ------------ FILE "Last Bronx (Saturn) T01 Mode1 2048.iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "Last Bronx...
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    How to burn Last Bronx?

    OK, I give up. This game has 2 data tracks and I've followed all posted instructions on burning games with 2 data tracks but Last Bronx absolutely refuses to work for me. (I can burn other dual data track games just fine). The image I download was from Edge's FTP site and I even burned it using...
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    How to Disable Action Replay menu?

    Does anyone know of any modifications to a Action Replay 4M Plus cart that will allow you to switch OFF and ON the "Action Replay" menu portion of the cart but still keep the 4meg\cartridge Memory ability functional? I find if kind of a nuisance to always go through the Action Replay menus...
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    Game Gear Flash Cart

    I've thought about this...since the Game Gear is basically a small SMS, what if you build the SMS Flash cart, flash it with a Game Gear game then use one of those SMS to Game Gear adaptors?
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    Two games behaving oddly on my Saturn, why?

    Taelon, have you tried what I said? Boot the game without a controller plugged in. After the opening animation is done and it's at the start menu, plug the controller back in and play. This trick works for me everytime.
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    Two games behaving oddly on my Saturn, why?

    For In the Hunt, boot the game without a controller attached. After the opening animation is done attach the controller. It sounds wierd, but it works everytime. Apparently, there's some weird bug with the game over which model controllers are attached. The bug even happens with an original...
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    3DO vs. Saturn

    I think the main reason that the 3DO failed (and the reason I didn't buy one back then) was the >$600 price tag.