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    What is this Genesis Hardware?!

    I found this part attached to a Genesis (model 2) in a thrift store. It was a bump sticking out the side attached to the expansion port, noticeable because it was much larger than the normal dust cover. A quick internet search shows a similar item on ebay being listed as a 32x component...
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    The final word on TVs

    Ok, this is not another LCD vs. CRT thread. I am more interested in knowing about what's better for specific systems. I've tried my Atari 2600 on an LCD with poor results. The screen changes brightness based on what's on the screen at the time. Whenever the UFO shows up, the screen goes...
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    Top Shooter

    Has anyone tried Top Shooter for Genesis? How do you get passed the "Insert Coin" screen to start the game. It seems to be designed for Megadrive-based Arcade hardware. So, what would be the key combination to start it? I've tried with both flash cart and emulator.
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    New Genesis Games?

    Last year, there were 33 new original games and 3 new hardware devices released for the Commodore VIC 20. 17 games the year before. This machine was released 10 years before the Sega Genesis, and still has an active hobbyist scene. So, why aren't there any new games for our beloved Genesis (a...
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    Single Screen Platform Games for Genesis?

    Are there any single screen platform games for Genesis? Something similar to Donkey Kong or Popeye. The closest I know scroll a little (Flicky, Rainbow Island). EDIT: Here's my list so far. Can you help me complete it? Snow Bros. Wani Wani World
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    Rare Sega titles

    I found a page that shows a rare unlicensed Genesis game very similar Pokemon Stadium (a bootleg of the Nintendo title). However, I have never come across the ROM. It appears on David Haywood's Homepage. Does anyone have a connection to him or know where these images circulate? Its obviously...
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    ATSC and 16 bit Genesis

    Will a Genesis connected to an ATSC tuner have a better image than the same hook up on an NTSC tuner?
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    WTB: Genesis 1

    I'm looking for an early model Genesis 1 without the obligatory copyright screen that comes before games load ("produced by or under license from Sega Enterprises"). But my request is not that simple. I also want a video mod. Can anyone do this? Or recommend someone who can do this? I...
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    Making a Genesis Cart

    Can a Genesis cart be made from an existing cart? I have a simple 8M PD (public domain) game with no save function needed. Do you think I could pull a chip from a Genesis board and replace it with a new chip (emprom, whatever)? I would love to strip a common cart and have a working cart with...
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    Played NOMAD today

    I dug up my Nomad after a year or more without turning it on. My favorite system at the moment is GBA SP (newer model). I can't believe how much screen technology has developed. Or is it possible that the Nomad screen is just fuzzier/blurrier from lack of use or something. I don't know...
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    I'm back, and you don't care

    I had over 1200 posts. I was a hardcore member since 2002 as jeff-20. But now I can't figure out my password for that account, and the email address I used has long since expired. So, I just sucked it up and started a new account. Hello again. I've been wondering when the Genesis scene will...
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    I will buy your Common SMS games

    I want to buy common Sega Master System games. It doesn't matter what titles. I am interested in getting a large number of games with the original boxes included. If you have a lot of commons around, I'll take them. I will NOT buy single games, I am looking for lots or at least 10 (but...
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    Widescreen Game Systems

    Does anyone use a widescreen with their game systems. Before I buy one (a new tv), I want to know what they are like. Does DC support widescreen for all/most of the games? Or do yuo have to suffer the little black bars on either side? What about Saturn or Genesis? And newer systems like...
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    Super Bubble Bobble & Pocket Monsters

    Super Bubble Bobble & Pocket Monsters What's wrong with the following? Bank switching or some sort of hardware trick? Has anyone played them? Super Bubble Bobble Pocket Monsters Pocket Monsters 2 I have PM2 as a stand alone, but my tototek cart can't do anything with it.
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    Can anyone running MAME DC PM me? I have a few questions, and I am not sure if I can ask here. (I am typing this as I desperately try to figure out the key combo to return to the main menu!)
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    TATE mode on Dreamcast

    I want to put together a full list of Dreamcast games that have a TATE mode. Does such a list already exist? I found nothing with Google. I only know for certain of Ikaruga. Can anyone add to that? 1. Ikaruga 2. Mame DC 3. . .
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    Wanted: Gen MD SMS Empty Boxes

    I want about 30 to 50 empty genesis/SMS/MD boxes in very good condition. They must be rectangle cart size (no sports or EA titles with a square shape). Also, I am tired of swapping discs. If you have a fully modded saturn, let me know.
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    Dreamcast Games Wanted!

    I want the following games for the dreamcast. Any condition, any means, whatever. I want to play them. PM me if you can help. Psyvariar 2 Shikigami no Shiro 2 Gunbird 2 Trizeal Puyo 9-In-1 Pack (All 9 Puyo Games) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Zero Gunner 2 Rez super puzzle fighter
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    Wanted: Specific Dreamcast Games

    I am looking for Sega Dreamcast games. Please send me a list of what you have available and the prices you'd like. I am very interested in the following titles: Emulators of all kinds. Aerowings 2 Bangai-O Beats of Rage Gunbird 2 Metal Slug 2 Psyvariar 2 Puyo 9 in 1 Rez Super Puzzle...
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    SMS Packaging

    I don't have access to SMS packaging. From what I understand it is almost identical to Genesis/MD. Can someone help me? If you have and SMS cart box, could you compare it to the genesis boxes. I would like to compare the SEGA brand games in the original packaging. 1. Do they have an outer...