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    VCD for Dreamcast

    I use to use a program to movies on my Dreamcast but I lost it, How do I put a movies on to a CD-R and make it into a VCD?
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    Hey just wanted to say......................

    I was searching though my DC game collection and came accross a game that i only played 2 times, probley because i got a new game just days after i got this 1 many moons ago, anyway the game is Incoming, 1 of the first Generation games 2 show of the DC's lighting part of the hardware..and man o...
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    Man o Man what a great Game!

    Call my crazy but just got Batman&Robin for SeGa-CD and man o man is it sweet the Graphics r Great just as good as if it were a Saturn game almost" and every time u complete a stage they play the part of the Cartoon in witch the game is based on. So far the only down about the game is u just...
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    I have a ?

    Is ISO trading alowed or will we get introuble? ???
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    I'm glad some1..

    I'm glad some1.. I'm glad some people like looking at my sister
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    Way off topic but.....

    Sorry messed up !
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    Hey remember when Shenmue was on Saturn!

    Well it never came out God knows i was waiting for years for it 2,,Well anyway if you wana see what it looked like just Beat Shenmue 2 on DC and watch the credits at the end u will see a preview of the game on SATURN....
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    How do u post a POLL?

    And i don't mean in the
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    I got a ?

    How come i have 2 log in OVER & OVER, every time i leave a section on this forum? I've tried everything and it will not save my name EVER....hmm...need help TY ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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    Hey Chat live DCchat once a week!

    Hey not stealing any1 away from this site but 1 day a week, every Saterday I throw a chat meeting for SEGA fans, It uses Voice chat and DC compatable! 4 :00 pm eastern USA time. It's at the link at the bottom of my post. A chance 2 share you thoughts LIVE 1 TIME A WEEK!
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    Here's another link for sega chat..

    Here's another link for sega chat.. This is another chat room site for u guys..sister site of the other 1 i posted! NICE links!
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    Hey i throw a sega chat meeting every saterday....

    If you feel like chating with some fello SEGA fans like me "no Sh!t" stop by my Little site every saterday around 3 :00 pm eastern USA time! I have links 2 other great SEGA sites with Patitions tring 2 get more SEGA games put out but we need people...
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    So who wants propeler arena for dc?

    Damn that mother F 'er "Bin Ladin" For Sept.11,2001 when the game I was waiting months for was put off because of that A$$-)0(, Sega decided 2 put off the Dog fighting make the other plane crash in to a building game, Because of what happend ,Now ProArena is sitting inside some warehouse...
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    I got a ?

    trying 2 get my AVATAR 2 work on this site I know the link works but it say's no! this happend on anopther forum but a Addmin fixed the problem but didn't tell me what i did wroung? PLEASE help!
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    I found heaven!

    Glad 2 be here "as the sound of Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" is heard in the back ground!"