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    32X screw bit Here's a link, check it out SECURITY BIT (SMALL) 3.8MM MCM part # 22-1145 cost $3.89 us SECURITY BIT (LARGE) 4.5MM MCM part # 22-1150 cost $3.89 us 3.8mm GAME BIT DRIVER Parts Express part # 360-215 cost $6.95 us 4.5mm GAME BIT DRIVER Parts...
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    Having landlord issues...

    Have the locks rekeyed. It will keep from entering whenever he wants to. And if he comes by, or has an agent come by and they can't get in, and he tries to give you s@#$, tell him that until he provides you with a copy of the lease, he doesn't get a new key. Put it in a letter once you have...
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    Computer Issue

    Found a place that has K6-2+'s and K6-3+'s here. AMD-K6-III+/400ATZ Brand New $ 48.00 AMD-K6-III+/450 ACZ Brand New $ 54.00 AMD-K6-II+/533 ACZ Used $ 32.99 AMD-K6-II/366 AFR Used $ 10.00 AMD K6 III 450Mhz AHX Used $...
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    I got a PlayStation!

    That's why they say, Iowa stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around
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    Questions about soldering

    I use a Radio Shack solder iron that has a 33watt element. It's a model that has screw in elements of different wattage ratings. It screws in to the handle part similar to how the colored light bulbs on the outdoor christmas strings do. And it has interchangeable tips that screw onto the end of...
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    Sega's "explosive" E3 announcement

    Sega's "explosive" E3 announcement Sega and Infinium Labs getting together for the...... release of the PHANTOM.......... HEHE
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    Laptop Spontaneously Shuts Off

    My laptop at work(Dell) used to do this same thing. It was the battery that was flaky. would run fine on AC power only, without the battery installed. But when battery was put in, it would work for awhile, then abruptly shut down. Remove the battery and use only AC power and see what happens.
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    Phantom Console to be unveiled at CES

    Did anyone else notice this, but whats up with the power connector on that thing? Like they need 20 pins to provide power. Why not use an industry standard AC power cord like most PC's use, or some AC power cord like the PS2 uses.....
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    So I own a...

    Buy a replacement screen off ebay///
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    Sega CD games list

    Syndicate is a beta.... I have a working copy of this, so it really exists.
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    Broken SegaCD model 2

    Clean the contacts really really really good. I had the same problem with my Sega CD 2 when I first hooked it up. Cleaned it some, it started to work, would be fine in parts, blocky in other parts on the screen. Cleaned it some more and it started working fine, and ever since. I had to use a...
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    Sega CD games list

    Here's one you don't have listed: Gambler Jikocyushinha 2 Struggle in the Tokyo Mahjongland and I didn't see it listed on Segabase either, but it exists as I have it... [img]http://
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    SegaCD ISO Guide

    There's also Convscd 1.02, that converts coutry code just like Scdconv 2.5 This converter works very well, I have been able to convert the Smurfs and many other Japanese Mega CD games that wouldn't convert using Scdconv 2.5 Here's the link..
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    Need to get in teh shape

    Plenty of 12 oz arm curls(my preference is for Sam Adams) And a 3-5 mile run with a pony keg strapped on the back will get you in real good shape...
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    New SegaCD Region Converter

    OK, I did some tests, these were tested only on Gens 1.9 after region conversion was done using Convscd 1.02. Will have to burn and verify if they work properly on actual SCD unit. 3x3 Eyes Converted from JP to US, didn't work :D After Armageddon Converts from JP to US...
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    New SegaCD Region Converter

    got the smurfs to convert just like above... it is buggy. tried to convert jap game to no avail. 3x3 Eyes
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    DVDs: love/hate relationship

    Have you tried playing these 2 DVD's on your computer's DVD drive? You might have a slight problem with your regular DVD player or it may sometimes be upgraded with BIOS download from Manufacturer.
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    Sega CD games list

    Don't know, never have seen it.
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    Sega CD games list

    Sim Earth Yumimimix Nostalgia Quiz Scramble Special Jango World Cup Heroic Legend of Arslan
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    Sega CD games list

    Ok here's what I see is missing from the list. 3x3 Eyes Baku-Den(The Unbalanced Zone) Virtual VCR-Colors of Modern Rock Sin Megami Tensei Tokyo Mahjong Jikocyushina 2 Urusei Yatsura - My Dear Friends Alshark Game Can Vol 1 Game Can Vol 2 Superfighter (coming soon, see...