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    NES more popular than PSP in Japan

    Yesterday I read a nice article on a Dutch newssite about a Japanese survey that pointed out that the NES is more popular amongst Japanese kids than the PSP is. Brought a smile to my face :) Since the article was in Dutch, and the Japanese site that did the survey is obviously in Japanese, I...
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    Sega Plans to Stop GD-ROM Production 02/2007

    Sent my letter yesterday. Hope it helps.
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    Sword of Vermilion

    Yup, it was composed by Yuzo Koshiro and Hiroshi Kawaguchi.
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    Sword of Vermilion

    I think this game is generally not considered as good as it really is. People say it's too repetitive. I admit it is a bit repetitive, but why shouldn't it be if the gameplay is good? The game is very playable and simple. It was one of the first adventure/rpg games that I could play without...
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    Ballz 3D

    The concept of this game was awesome considering when it has been released. But the game is too short and simple. Not enough moves, fighters, arena's, etc. They could've (maybe should've) made more of it, but still it's entertaining.
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    Convert .gym files to other formats?

    Thanks for the help, but indeed tried that. I know that it has to be synthesized so the winamp method is the only one that I can think of as well. But missing the first half sec and having such bad quality is just not acceptable, so I guess it's either search really good for MP3 versions of the...
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    Convert .gym files to other formats?

    Ok an update on what I've managed to do so far: I've installed a Winamp .gym plugin and used both the Winamp output disk writer and a 3rd party output disk writer to create wav/mp3 dumps from the .gym files. Besides the fact that in my opinion both of the gym plugins I've found and tried are of...
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    Convert .gym files to other formats?

    Anyone? I have quite a collection of .gyms that I'd like to convert to mp3/ogg. Haven't found any util or plugin for other programs so far. And just give googling for ".gym" a try, millions of irrelevant hits about working out :motz:
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    I just loved this game :) Got it a few days after it was released and it was well worth the money. Even though the graphics are 3D (at least the world around you is), and even though you can move in all directions, this game still had a classic 2D feeling to it. That's what made it so enjoyable...
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    Odd things happening here....

    When are the Soundtracks going to be back online? :)
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    Sega Rally Championship

    Even though when you look back at it now, the game is a laugh in diversity (2 cars and 4 tracks), this was such a bomb back then.... I remember actually buying my first Saturn for this game :) Spent like € 400 for a Saturn with Sega Rally, Daytona USA, and a Sega Saturn steering wheel and I...
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    Streets of Rage 3 (a.k.a. Bare Knuckle III)

    Even though it's the least good game of the three, it's still immensely good. If SoR 1 and 2 didn't exist, SoR 3 would be the best beat em up ever. Just love it.
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    World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & D. Duck

    World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & D. Duck Great game, very colourfull. good 2p mode indeed.
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    Dead or Alive 2

    Had loads of fun with the Dreamcast version, and I saw the new Xbox release today in the local gamesture. Awesome title, one of those titles that justifies buying a dreamcast if you don't already have one.
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    Shining Force

    Like said above, the thing about this game that impresses is that it's tactical RPG pur sang, but it's very playable, and there's virtually no reason why people should be scared away by anything -> anybody can play it. That's something that can not be said of every RPG, especially not of...
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    Saturn + 14 games (incl 7 rpg's)

    Saturn + 14 games (incl 7 rpg's) ? The title of the item is "Saturn + rare rpg's 14 games", meaning that there are rare rpg's included in the lot and a total of 14 games :P
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    Are You Interested in a Saturn Modchip?

    Where are you buying the modchips? I've looked @ lik-sang and lan-kwei, 2 sites I bought em from before, but both seem to have dropped em...
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    Saturn + 14 games (incl 7 rpg's)

    Saturn + 14 games (incl 7 rpg's) eBay page I'm selling one of my spare Saturns along with a lot of 14 games for a reasonable price, check out the ebay page :)
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    NiGHTS: into Dreams

    Awesome game. Truly magnificent. One of the few games that is one of a kind, no game has ever been made that even looks like it. You can't even put it in a certain genre. This is Sega at its best.
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    Daytona USA

    This was one of the games that made me crave a Saturn in the first place. And when I finally got my Saturn with Daytona and the Sega steering wheel (along with Sega Rally) I was the happiest kid in the world :) The game breathes that classic arcade atmosphere we love Sega so much for. Even...