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    can somone show me

    This weekend I´ll go to pick a 32X I bought one or two months ago ( I had no time before ). I´ll try to help you then . but, there is a useful page about this things: here, you can go to: and have a look .
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    DRACULA X FOR 32X!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes... yesterday was the day of wrong posts... be nice with me... I have my last exam today... and yesterday I was nervous all the day... , huuum, and now I´m nervous too...
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    4 meg Ram modification???

    Wha ha ha ha !! yes... what a mistake !!
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    4 meg Ram modification???

    Here is the cart... image quality is low, because the poor ilumination, but enough to see the differences
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    DRACULA X FOR 32X!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a look... cracy Castelvania fans...
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    Where are you from...?

    Asturies, in Spain... near of France.
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    What Age is Everyone?

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    CastleVania Heaven!

    Huum... I have here the CD... maybe this night I´ll do a try...
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    CastleVania Heaven!

    Huum... I don´t see the good side of Castelvania tittles... maybe i´m wrong... but I´m bored in five minutes with them... why are they a mass phenomenon ??
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    4 meg Ram modification???

    I have the same cart too... but it executes all games without modify it at all. I can take pics and send them to you by mail too... if you need them.
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    HELP I'VE MESSED UP MY COMPUTER Is a this a joke ?
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    Mega CD (JAP) Plays Backups?

    Nah, I was wrong
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    should i get one?

    Shining the Holy Arc... Shining Force III... naaah..., poor games... however PD Saga rocks !! Magic Knight rocks !! Black Matrix !! Grandia !!...
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    should i get one?

    Saturn it´s a great console, dude... Show to your friend Radiant Silvergun, Silouethe Mirage, Guardian Heroes, Vampire Savior, Magic Knight, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Black Matrix, Princess Crown... and a lot of more... ¡ and he will return crying to his house ! Simply... look for any of this...
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    Ripping a Bad Burn

    he he he he... , ¡¡ the law !!
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    playing backups and imports...

    Buying a 5 in 1 cart it´s a good idea: Action replay Code country 4Mb RAM Backup ram PC conection and the mod. If you have a model 2 saturn, probably it´s a 21 pin machine. You can check how to install the mod here: -- Saturn section or try the new modding...
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    This is only a future plan...for killing a dog

    Yes, yes, yes... to all people worried about the little dog... I´m not going to kill the creature... I simply passed a night without sleep because the continuous barking, so, the next day I woke up dispossed to kill the dog, the whole family, and the rest of the community. I have talk again...
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    Sega Saturn Action Replay Pro

    Oooh... is it true ?
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    hi !