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    Tweaking a 3DO Laser

    I just thought I'd make a quick post that I've managed to tweak my Goldstar 3DO. It previously only played originals, and even then, the movies (and sometimes the music) skipped quite often. Playing backed up games from CDR was nearly impossible. It would only accept relatively expensive CDRs...
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    New Sega CD game "Citizen X" a fake?

    I have a copy of the Citizen X beta at home, which Arakon released on this very site literaly years ago. I can say from first hand experience that the screenshot displayed here is an exact match. So is this "new game" actually new? Did they rip it off? Did they buy the rights and finish off...
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    Radiant Silvergun

    To celebrate the release of Ikaruga for Dreamcast, the mighty Radiant Silvergun - also from Treasure - is the current game of the week! Can you fault this fine Saturn shooter?
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    My personal favourite Asterix game for any system. Colourful graphics, nicely planned levels, and plenty of secrets. Not without it's flaws though. There were some frustrating forced scrolling levels that often meant you had to die a few times to work out the pattern. It was also a little short...
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    Shining the Holy Ark

    Saturn first person RPG from Sonic Software in the same vein as Shining in the Darkness (by Climax and Sonic Software Planning) on the Mega Drive. Did you like it?
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    Today's game of the day is Aladdin on Mega Drive, made by Virgin Games under license from Disney. It's got impressive animation, great music and clearly reflects the progress of the film, but has it got the game play? Personally, I love the Disney stuff, particularly on the Mega Drive, and...
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    Tomb Raider

    Innovative game design and great graphics? Or just another set of plastic enhanced... erm...