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    Batman vs Superman!

    superman. batman contribute nothing he has no super power he a human nothing more. un like superman. superman will wipe the floor with batman
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    Awesome Jackie Chan Street Fighter II Clip

    the classic music is priceless
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    Vbt can i

    I'n working on a ngpc emu, and wanted a reference(nes emu),and also i working on a hardware accelerated theory,and since you nes emu is already ported i would be easier to work with instead of porting the would thing just to try an idea.
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    Vbt can i

    Also can anybodyh help me with the complier.i keep getting a stack fault 5090 on everthing i complile.
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    Vbt can i

    Can I get the source to your Nes emulator. Yes if you read my previous post ,you'll see that im working on a ngpc emu, but I want to use you emulator first to try my ideas because it already ported I just want to modify a little before i take on the working on such a major port. thank you
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    4-mb Ram Cart

    Is there any way to incorporate in to home dev. I'm planning to work on a ngpc emu but I want to use the whole system ram for the emu and other stuff and the 4 mb ram cart for roms, but i dont want to make it if i cant use the 4-mb ram cart.
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    FS: 2 broken Ps2s and & broken Dc

    FS: 2 broken Ps2s and & broken Dc I'm doing some clean and im getting rid of some stuff, first thing are these ps2s they're just getting in my wat and so is this dc. one ps2 power but no controller response,and the other doesnt power, lose the screwa. dc needs as spindle an controller port and...
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    Is there Any way

    Is there any way that i can hook up Genny controller to my pc through the DB-9 serial port. Any driver or any thing
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    Chanka released

    but what about us smucks who have dc but no cables to get the dc bios and dc flash? what aboutg us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How To Tell Which Game Gear I Got...

    you know on the plastic lens that cover the the screen if it has red,blue,green ovals then its compatable, if they are all gray then its not.
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    Sony's new handheld official specs...

    Sony's new handheld official specs... IMO Nintendo sucks, they been ruling the portable scene so long that they've gotten lazy. The gba could have been so much powerful but there competition was poor so they though "Lets make a snes with double the power". Shit the gba could've been the first...
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    Whats the funniest anime you have seen so far?

    GOLDEN BOY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Starting a Sega Saturn translation/hack.

    man how is the project going, I'm really glad some is doing it but, wut up?
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    Anyone here like Ultraman?

    I liked Ultraman Tiga
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    anyone here draw anime?

    nice pic man
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    Pondering an idea...

    The only way i see that working is if the sat has a flashable bios rom, if so then it might be possible, but the disc check removal would take some work with some kind of hex editor. Its fesible but I dont thinks its going to happen.
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    WTB: Sega Saturn Power supply Model 2

    its for a 64-pin(that mean that chip on the laser unit right)
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    WTB: Sega Saturn Power supply Model 2

    it a jap saturn, not sure wut u mean about 32//64 pin.
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    WTB: Sega Saturn Power supply Model 2

    I was just looking for one cause mine burnt out.
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    I was thinking about deving, and i only have a cd/dvd burner, and no ar to test code, so i was going to try to write a netlink loader or web page or something that allows netlink to load demos with out burning cd with tiny test demos. Just a test though, i working with it. Let me know what you...