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    Getting an MP3 Player...

    I'm getting an MP3 player in the next two weeks, and I've been looking at the: I'm wanting at least 10GB~15GB storage. But... Is bloody nice, and tiny. And it looks like it can...
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    Die PlayThing... DIE!

    Since I could not find anything high to throw the PSX off, I went with all the other options in the poll anyway... Muahahaha. PSX + Deodorant + Lighter + Saw + Hammer + Chisel = FUN. So here goes! :devil :yum My stupid camera failed to take the final two pics of the...
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    UK Games Magazines in Driv3r 9/10 shocker!

    They're getting a grilling on their own forums at the minute with a guy that works for "a UK Magazine" even coming out of the woodwork making strong hints that the PSM2 and XBW reviews were fixed, as suspected. Here: is the link to...
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    My old PlayStation

    I found a PlayStation in my house, it's probally broke, but I don't care really. Haha. Help decide its' fate! :ph34r:
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    Heheh, My lame attempt at a game, inspired by a pack of Cheese and Onion and a pack of Chewwy... :yum OnionMan has to save his planet from invasion by Dr. Chewing Gum and his Minty Fresh Army. Using his OnionGun, he has to stink/tear gas the Gum Army to death with extra strength onions...
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    Proof us Brits are all sick and perverted! :D Rainbow was a childrens TV show shown in the UK... And this is just WRONG! :P
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    Official Samba De Amigo Maraccas..

    Hey, I got Samba De Amigo out, because I didn't play it for a few weeks. I started playing, and suddenly one of the Maraccas froze, and the DC didnt detect me moving it, so it was always in one position. The Button works, and If I shake it, it will register a hit. But if I move it, the game...
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    Faulty Genesis Pad

    I've just gotten a Genesis 3. It's all in new/mint conidition. But the pad is faulty. It acts as if the right button is always pressed. The pads has obviosly been hardly touched. I opened it to see if anything was sticking, and it's not. Nothing is shorting any of the tracks. Any idea whats...
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    I love American news... So mis-informed! Who the hell watches this 'news'?!
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    Outrun on White Saturn

    Recently got Outrun, and a White Saturn off my friend. On the auction it said Outrun won't work on a lot of white Saturns, but is 100% fine on Grey machines. My White Saturn is a 220V model with an English lang box, probally a Hong Kong version then. The Bios is 1.0.1 Any idea why it doesnt...
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    FAO UK: Sonic X, Starts tomorow!

    Yup, it's made it to the UK! ITV (CITV) 15:40 Oh yes! :D Shame we get the crap American version, but oh well. :D
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    PS2 for sale (UK, eBay)

    Sisters selling her PS2, with 5 games, Memory Card, Extra pad and a Skate Board Controller thingy. :)
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    The post your gaming stuff/area thread.

    :banana Can't find any that have been done before, so show your collections, or your area where you game!
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    I'm going to attempt something very, very cool.

    I'm going to attempt something very, very cool. I'm selling my current PC for a few hundred pounds... And I've got a broken Mega Drive and Mega CD. (Since, I'm not a PC gamer, I don't need performance!) Together, they have a lot of space inside. - Enough for a mini ITX motherboard: - Black...
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    Sega to sue EA??,33953, EDIT: Copy the link, don't click it. Since the comma at the end wont work. :smash If you can find another source, then great. What do you think of this?
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    DC Dead?

    Hey, my DC is acting funny as hell. It keeps asking me to set the click, and there is no sound. Worst of all, it wont boot games at all. It will just hang after the 'Produced by or under license by Sega Enterprises' screen. :(
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    So I own a...

    :D ..Sega Nomad now. £165, boxed, manual, batt pack, plug. Not allowed it until December 25th mind... :( Whos played one?
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    60Hz wont work.

    Hey, I got a brand new TV yesterday, and using my DC via RF leads. On old TV 60Hz worked fine with RF. But on this the picture jumps up and down like mad in colour though with sound. I cant see anyway to change the system, can only select EURO/France/GB Would RGB Scart fix it? :damn:
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    A webdesign...

    I'm designing a small website, to post my collection, items wanted and for sale. I'm going to be taking photos/scans of everything I own. Before I add everything, what do you think of the template, and how could I make it better? Cyaz :banana doh! I was too...
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    TVs, 4:3 or 16:9?

    I'm getting a new TV in one week, at the moment I have a 28" Widescreen (16:9) but its going back since we don't rent anymore. Im considering getting a 28" 4:3 TV, the standard square shape, which would obviously feel bigger than a widescreen... ...I play a lot of 8bit and 16bit games, and...