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    SMS Flashkart for sale

    New, never used but to test it. It is the Tototek one, complete with cables. 70 € plus shipping. I ship from Spain.
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    How much will you ask for...

    a Japanese, near mint, with the original cables and manuals japanese FZ-10 system? I'm not currently thinking in sell it, but a friend today at home was looking my console collection and asked me the current average prices for the systems, but I was totally unable to give him a reply.
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    WTS: Japanese 3DO with original box, mint!

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    Satourne's games_parameters.ini file

    Satourne's games_parameters.ini file Anyone know where can I get a document with the list of options and parameters for this file? I want to do some experiments.
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    SCD Import Enabler

    When I afford to buy the tototek's flash cart for Genesis I will try to do some debuggin on that CDX import enabler cart to see why it doesn't work with some games and try to fix it. So, if anyone have a list of SCD games that won't work using that cartridge I will really appreciate.
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    Selling Dragon Force, european version

    It is in mint condition, but for the disc that have some really tiny scratches. It was never resurfaced. I'm asking for 30 EUR plus shipping. Payment to be done through Paypal, or bank transfer for people in Spain.
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    The return of the MD1 SCART cable!

    Ok, here goes my questions: First of all, I always read that the pinout on GamesX is inverted, but I don't know how is the original position, so it does mean nothing to me. For clarification: GamesX pinout A shitty phto of the DIN connector, solder side. How they relate the one to the other...
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    Someone had tried this before?

    I got a MegaCD that was getting read errors until it just won't read any disk. The onyl thing I need to do for repair is to change the CD spin motor. As I had eard that MegaCDs generally dies by stop reading disk, I want to know if someone else have tried to change this part or the laser lens...
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    For all Warsong / Langrisser fans

    Do you remember this awesome srpg for Sega Genesis? Well, the pc version has just been translated. You can get it from the official translation forum here Enjoy it. ;)
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    every1 kiss tectoy ass

    If you can read portuguese enter the tectoy page -or use the google translator-. This ppl is mading and distributing lotta sega stuff is rater collector's items at the day. Thanks God for let me born 30 km. north of Portugal in a country with an almost similar language TecToy