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    toejam and earl

    i loved toejam and earl's catchy tunes
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    For people who like music n stuff

    i figure i'd share the fact that i have a music interview/review site or if ur dns server sucks
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    Jurai's Treamcast Review

    Jurai's Treamcast Review Ok so i get my treamcast and tried it out, so heres a rundown of what i think of it. For starters, they include a 220v AC adapter, aka, you aint playin this shit in your house if you live in the usa. This limited my test of the unit to the car. The case it comes in is...
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    Funny song

    heres a hilarious sars song,
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    And... Im back again

    fun trip, ftp is down atm cuz i need to catch up on some shit and need maximal bw, the saturn pc will be repaired by the weekend, lots of shit to add to it too, thats all for now
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    So im in aruba

    its pretty nice here, very sunny, extraordinarily windy. temperature is pretty nice, though the uv rays are alot worse since its so close to the equator, last night i played 25$ blackjack and made 50 bucks, so, i guess i rock and stuff, anyways 3 minutes left of thi stupid 3$ for 8 minutes...
  7. J

    im gone again

    i'll be in Aruba for a week, ciao
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    Treamcast (not a typo)

    Surely one of you fine gentlemen has a Treamcast and would like to measure it for me so i dont have to bash your skull in with a bat and eat your brains, i mean, invite you over for tea. Thanks
  9. J

    Star Wars Galaxies

    I bought this game, if someone cares, and maybe wants to meet up, i dont knwo what server im gonna be on yet cuz the servers blow atm and i cant even make a char, but once i can, ill let you know
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    I understand that some of you seem to not agree with some of my posts and want to see me removed from this forum. Let me throw an idea by you real fast. If you have a problem with ME, take the problem up with ME. Don't hide behind the moderators just because you cant handle a little lambasting...
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    if anyone cares

    ems sells the comm link card directly for 25$
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    i like

    i like mods who edit your post and dont even mention they did then lock a topic, faggotish
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    Anyone know...

    Anyone know the dimensions of a Treamcast, i need to figure if its gonna easily fit between my seats
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    I am departing for Europe in the morning. Hopefully i will be back around the 17th, God willing. If a plane blows up or something, pray for me, lots, thanks! cyas.
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    someone know when other kof is due

    for dc
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    Saturn Problem, PLEASE help

    ok, i just got a 21 pin saturn, opened up counted pins etc. then sealed er up, but now, whenever i try to boot a game the laser will read, go to outside to read security stuff, then when it goes back to start game system dumps me to teh cd player menu. Drive sits adn reads for a minute then...