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    FTP Advertisment :)

    Well FTPs are VERY popular BUT ... how to promote ?... I GOT ANSWER HERE: Waiting for tons of replys
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    .. Does anyone can recommend any DVD+RW (not DVD-RW .. i don't really know what + means byt as far as i know it's better just - .. LOL)
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    Dragon's Lair 2

    Dragon's Lair 2 Does anyone have it please MSG ME ! Thanks !
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    ISO+WAV .. Finally

    Okay here we go ! Step 1: Put ISO File and all Tracks in one Folder! Step 2: Open Fireburner Step 3: Click: File----->Load Tracks Step 4: Highlight all files (ISO+WAV) and click open Step 5: All files are now in Fireburner ... File number 1 are ISO Step 6: Click Create...
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    ISO+MP3 Files

    Okay people let me ask you a question .. What is classic way to burn ISO+WAV Files to CD ... I mean what way is most reliable way to make CD boot in Game console.. Also can i use CDRW on Sega CD Model 1 ? .. or Only CD-R Thanks !
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    Hey people I was trying to get someone to upload this games too me but noone did ..well if anyone have some of them PLEASE do so or PM me Currently LOOKING for: 11th Hour, BIOS Fear, Blonde Justice, Coven, Dragon's Lair 2, Endlessly, Golden Gate, Immortal Desires, ISIS, Love...
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    ISO+MP3 and ISO+WAV .... I have some questions .... 1. Why people ripping games that way I mean is't easyer just make bin/cue from CD .... 2. Can I use Fireburner to load ISO + all tracks and just burn ... will Sega CD image work ? ....
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    AIWA Mega CD

    Hey people what the deal with that AIWA version of Mega CD .... possible to get one ? ... How much ..about ..
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    Neo Geo CDZ

    I was thinking to get Neo Geo CDZ ......what is good price for it ? BTW people is there Neo Geo That can play Cards and CDs in one ? Thanks !
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    Sega Mega CD Modem

    Hey people I saw long time ago device it called "Mage Modem" i think it was on some poster .. it was cannected to original version of Genesis and I think realesed in Jap only ... I was interested if anyone have any info or pic of it ...
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    I was on ebay and found one .... :]
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    Sega Genesis

    Is there way to get one ? I mean all that roms coming from some kind of back up device, do you people have any info on it ... may be picture of unit and flash card ....BTW same thing about SNES if you have any info please reply Thanks !
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    3DO Blaster

    Hey people there is a way to get 3DO Blaster this days ? ... Just checking may be someone have any info... P.S. I know ebay people sometimes post them but ... like twice a year only and they flying ....BTW games look good on it ?
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    Saturn question

    What is that all about Sega Saturn with 21 or 20 pins ?... What are u talken about people ? Thanks !
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    Saturn question

    What is that all about Sega Saturn with 21 or 20 pins ?... What are u talken about people ? Thanks !
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    Another console section

    Of corse everyone know nice and old and very $$$ console PC-FX by NEC .... anyone likes my idea of putting it on site in retro section ? Thanks
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    Hey people just one thing just pump up in my head ... is there a way to overclock internal cpu of some game console ? .....I really don't see any porpuse in that but ... donno just for fun or something.
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    Here is is: Address: Port: 2002 Username: look Password: look Path: /f:/@3DO@/
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    Owner of .....

    Well people I am owner of: about 110 Games, 7 Diffirent types of controllers include wireless .. some even in plastic (not opened), all games are mint boxes with manuals.. skratch free CDs .... well all that stuff like ALG Gun and well prety much anything that was made my 3DO ........ I was...
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    Simply Thanks

    I'd like to say thanks to all people that support this site and this forum ..... !!!!!