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    SGI vs Mac vs PC

    I would like to ask to the technologically knowlegeable members of this forums, what are the technical advantages (if any) that SGI systems posses over standard PC and Mac systems.
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    BioHazard4... on PlayStation2!

    Official Press Release - I believe there is nothing else to say about this. One tough decision for Nintendo, and the GameCube's future.
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    Des-ROW MIA

    Does anyone know what happened to the beautiful and unique Des-ROW? She has not been posting for several weeks already... am I the only one that misses her? If any of you knows something about her, please let me know. Domo~ ^.^
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    Lost CD! Please help!

    I was checking my CDs today, looking for my beloved Evangelion ~refrain~ CD, I found the case, and when I opened it... I noticed the CD was gone T.T I searched all around my house, and I cannot find it. I need it, you cannot imagine how much I need it. I wanted to know... does any of you have...
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    What are you doing~!!??

    Hmmm... maybe it is a little stupid... but I wanted to see if you liked this or not... Just like in the "What song are you currently listening to?" thread, here, you can post whatever you are doing at the moment, and that, obviously, you want to share with all of us. Well... let's see how this...
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    Help with SuSE 9.1 & Mac OS X 10.3.4 networking!

    Help with SuSE 9.1 & Mac OS X 10.3.4 networking! Like you already know, my PC is currently running SuSE 9.1 Professional... well... I am having problems with networking my system with a iBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.3.4. What I want is my computer to act as a server, since it is the one with...
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    SuSE 9.1 Professional Help~!

    Hello everyone! I installed SuSE9.1 Professional minutes ago and I am having some issues with installing certain things, mostly with finding RPMs, etc First, I am having problems with installing Firefox, can anyone help me? I am not an expert, I need all step-by-step T.T I was able to get a...
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    Stupid Saturn question by Des-ROW

    I can predict this has been asked millions of times in the past, and that I am the only one in this whole forums that does not know what I am about to ask. What are the differences between the Grey Saturn and the White Saturn (if any)? Thank you for answeing my stupid question! Sore ja.
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    Mozilla FireFox Problem!

    I was finally able to install FireFox 0.8 on Fedora Core 1, but I am having a terrible problem... I get no scrollbars at all, anyone else had this same issue? Can anyone please help me solve this? Thank you for reading! Kisses!
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    Jurai's SatClick ver1.0 for Windows

    Jurai's SatClick ver1.0 for Windows Posted in Jurai's behalf - This program, made by Jurai, will integrate itself with the explorer allowing you to right click any bin/iso and choose to view the current game info, or to choose to convert to USA/JPN/EUR regions. If you have any problems you may...
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    Zero Divide OST

    I have been looking for any of the Zero Divide OSTs for years but never had luck finding any of them... I was able to get seperate mp3 files and ripped the audio directly from the PlayStation game discs... but it isn't the same as the OST... does anyone have any of these, or can help me find...
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    PlayStation Movie Player

    Does anyone know where to get a good PlayStation Movie/Media Player that runs in Windows XP? Even better if it can scan the CD Drive for media files... Help! ^^;
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    Happy Birthday Tagrineth!

    Otanjoubi omedeto~! ^^! Jurai says "Happy birthday" as well! Enjoy your day!
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    PSX release! / Level X Expo Open!

    Here you have some pictures of the Sony PSX release and from the Nintendo Level X Expo (Famicom's 20th birthday), I hope you enjoy these! ~ Here you have some pictures of different stores
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    Will anyone host this for me?

    I was about to make a thread with pictures of the Sony PSX release in different stores and from the Level X exposition that is being held... would anyone host 4Mb of images for me? My server is down for some reason, and I do not know when it will be up once more... Any volunteers? ^^; Thank you~!
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    Nice Shinobi Wallpaper

    Here you have a nice Shinobi wallpaper I just made... I wanted to do a Kunoichi one... but I could barely find good Kunoichi art... all screenshots... u.u; I hope you like it! (Oh, by the way, I did not actually MAKE it, it's all ctrl+c, ctrl+v and such...)
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    Sony announces 2 different PSX models

    Sony held a Press Conference the last 7th of October in which the company formally announced that they will release two different models of their upcoming PSX system, the first version, labeled DESR-5000, will include a 160GB HDD and will have a price of 79,800yen (aproximately 730USD), while...