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    NES more popular than PSP in Japan

    Yesterday I read a nice article on a Dutch newssite about a Japanese survey that pointed out that the NES is more popular amongst Japanese kids than the PSP is. Brought a smile to my face :) Since the article was in Dutch, and the Japanese site that did the survey is obviously in Japanese, I...
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    Convert .gym files to other formats?

    Anyone? I have quite a collection of .gyms that I'd like to convert to mp3/ogg. Haven't found any util or plugin for other programs so far. And just give googling for ".gym" a try, millions of irrelevant hits about working out :motz:
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    Saturn + 14 games (incl 7 rpg's)

    Saturn + 14 games (incl 7 rpg's) eBay page I'm selling one of my spare Saturns along with a lot of 14 games for a reasonable price, check out the ebay page :)
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    Streets of Rage 3 happy bidding :)
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    Dragon Force 1 translation

    Anyone? I searched @ google and @ sx, but found little to no relevant info :'(
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    Mega Drive 3 for sale :D

    Hello all, I've put up a boxed and almost mint Mega Drive 3 for auction @ eBay, Happy bidding :) Oh and btw, the auction says that shipping is on me when you use "Buy Now", that's only within The Netherlands :P
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    Story of Thor/Battle of Oasis[PAL] Be quick, only 9 hours left! Price is still quite low, so take your chance Happy bidding
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    [Saturn] Panzer Dragoon Zwei & Shining Wisdom

    [Saturn] Panzer Dragoon Zwei & Shining Wisdom Panzer Dragoon Zwei € 50 Shining Wisdom € 40 Both in good condition, and complete. Check them out @
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga € 51 at this very moment...happy bidding :cheers
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    Mega Drive/Genesis RPG's

    Mega Drive/Genesis RPG's Hello all, We've managed to get our hands onto some RPG's in excellent condition, and complete. Here they are: Shining Force II(ntsc) - € 50,- Landstalker(ntsc) - € 50,- Phantasy Star II(pal) - € 50,- Phantasy Star III(pal) - € 50,- Shining in the...
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    Game Gear DB online

    After my Genesis game DB, my Game gear DB is online now. Counting 170 games, I guess it's not complete yet. If you see it fails any games, please let me know. You can find it @ edit: oops, wrong forum shame on me
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    Genny game DB online

    Ello, please check my site @ I've put as many genesis/mega drive games as I could find in my database. It's probably not complete yet, with such a HUGE amount of games, there are probably some missing. Anyway, I've got 718 games in the database now. In time...
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    Alisia Dragoon

    I've got a PAL version of Alisia Dragoon I'd like to sell. It's in mint condition and is complete including manual and box. For more info and pictures, check Edit: forgot to mention the price € 15
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    Soundtracks online

    Ello all, I'm a enthusiastic collector of sega game soundtracks and I put 3 of my favs on my website for all to download. You can find the soundtracks of Shinobi 1, Alien Soldier and Streets of Rage 2 @ Go to downloads menu, music. Hope you like it Marvin...
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    Road Rash 1 & 2 sound test?

    Road Rash 1 & 2 sound test? Ellow, do any of you freaks out there if Road Rash 1 and 2 have (hidden) sound test menu's? I'd like to capture the music of these 2 games, but without sound test it's gonna be VERY hard :/ TIA!
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    Segatool problem

    I'm the proud owner of a Mega drive 1 with Magic Drive it works perfectly when I load the roms from 3,5" disks. But for some reason, Segatool won't recognize the Magic Drive anymore, and whatever I do, I keep getting a "device error". I must say, I don't remember what OS I was using the last...