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    Non US Saturn Games

    I was just wondering what Saturn games are playable that didnt come out in the I dont mean anything about the region code, I mean ehat games do you not need any comprehension of Japanese, or games that are in english.
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    Is there a way to compress .wavs?

    I got Megaman X3 off of ralos' server, and it was iso/mp3, so I converted them to wavs to use EZCD95, and did it like it said in the Misc section of the site. The problem is when I went to burn it, it was 3 meg too big? So how do I fix that...sorry, I am not a windows user, and I dont have...
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    How the hell do you use Satconv

    I am stuck with a PC atm, and Satconv seems to keep there a certain thing you have to do?
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    Why did Ratmahatta get banned?

    I am dying to know what the Sig of Ratmahatta was...I missed it before it was taken off...oh, please tell.
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    Playing VCDs in my DC

    I was just wondering....Is it like a program or a boot disc or something?
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    Is this possible?

    The music to Marvel Vs Capcom 2 sucks ass...and seing how since I own it, I am allowed to make a back up. I was wondering if it was possible to put in different music tracks? If so, could you tell me how?