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    Last Chance to buy my Thinkpad

    Racket Can you take a pic of it turned on, so i can see how it looks.
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    Last Chance to buy my Thinkpad

    Racket I'm interested in the laptop, but am wondering did you change the amount of ram. Also is the resolution 1024x768 the external or what the laptop screen actually has, or is it 800x600. Thanks!
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    Show me your finger!

    Just thought I'd share interesting facts to entertain the masses Enjoy
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    racket's garage sale

    racket's garage sale Video composite is a round rca jack that hooks up to your tv. Also not clear on the speed 166 or 133?
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    racket's garage sale

    racket's garage sale Hey there racket on the thinkpad, i noticed that you have it listed as a 166, but on your post its a 133, which is it. Also does it have the video composite as list on the compgeek site or are they 2 different models. Is the ram max out? :huh
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    cps2 or neo geo mvs

    Ok i would like to know who here actually owns a neo geo mvs or cps2 system. I'm in the market of buying one and need to know a few things, like are you willing to trade, sell, and how much was shipping, etc...
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    New Switchless Region mod

    I thought I saw something like this before. Here
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    In response to the statement that this guy used save state, I find that unlikely. Footage is too clean, you can clear see that there are no edit marks of jerky video when something like that happens. IMO this was done on an actual NES using a video capture card.
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    its king of hard o fake this, unless you use a really fancy editor. I checked it out several times, the scores from stage to stage all match. so do the 1ups. If you were to cut and paste stage by stage, this wouldn't match. i must agree this is insane, never seen anything like it.
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    How does one become homeless?

    I do agree with this question. Where we live in a country as rich as it is, where there is ways to help each other out. But many don't take an offering hand, or don't want to be bothered. Others just don't know how to handle money very well. Yes some do have a string of bad luck, but others...
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    Interesting news for you Ngage fans
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    Old IBM Thinkpads

    Geez, that reminds me of my ol' tandy i gave to my dad 2 years ago. He won't upgrade, 386, 2mb ram, i think it had 250 hd, have to see, maybe i can post a pic.
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    Samurai Shodown

    Its not as good as could be, plus the reviews just plain terrible . Some people feel they need to post just about everything, imo.
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    Sega Commercials

    If Cloud has these videos, why doesn't cloud share those with us.
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    Samurai Shodown

    I saw that site awhile back, not really impressed by it, i still think gamefaqs is better.
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    Sega Commercials

    As previous stated, I've already seen the japanese versions, therefore Sonic Jam would not be much help. Cloud, can you post a link, or even host the video clips yourself. Also would be cool to see the ones that have "Blast Processing"
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    Sega Commercials

    I'm looking to see if anybody has or knows of a link that has Sega Genesis commercials, especially the Sonic the Hedgehog commercials, US commercials. I have seen the Japanese version. I am also looking for the one "Sega does what Nintendon't" Those would be cool to have on this site as well.
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    I'm thinking of getting a new machine

    I'm thinking of getting a new machine In my opinion I'd say get a Game Cube, overall its a great console. Plus where else can you get an adapter that can play Game Boy Advance game like the GB player. I have a PS2, my brother has an Xbox, but he doesn't play his very much, he's always...
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    Wish Sega would make one of these

    I just saw this, now i'm jealous, but i still wouldn't mind if Nintendo would bring this to the States.
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    Genesis Game Boxes

    Xperts also came in a cardboard box, so did Sonic 1&2 Collection. i have golden axe, Sonic & Knuckles, NBA Jams, & Maximum Carnage, but i don't think I'd sell it seperatly, I'd sell just Golden axe complete