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    Wizard World Chicago Anyone else gonna be there?
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    Panzer Dragoon, AGAIN

    I have completed 3 out of the four PDS discs, (i've taken them from Ralo's! FTP), and after numerous coster burns i've ended up with no discs which actually run. THe game starts it displays the sega copyright screen, then it displays "TEAM ANDROMADA" wiht their logo, then the TV screen flickers...
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    I"m tired of Instant messages, and private messages and emails asking for roms or advice from newbies. THERES AN FAQ RIGHT HERE!! JUST READ IT!!! EXCLIMATION POINT!
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    Mac PC Problems

    I've got a PC, a good friend of mine's got a mac. She sent me some files, which appear on my computer as .235705, any way i can open this file? Help would be appricated!
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    So i'm an idiot!

    So i'm an idiot! So i dont know how to write a good cue file, and the copy i have has it as a mode 1 2048 and i know thats wrong, i burned it and tried to run it and and and and.... i'm this close to the light wing dragon!!!!
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    Wide screen televisions and old consoles

    I've just obtained a large television, works on projection rather than direct tubes. We all know that you can burn an image into a screen neh?, Well the person who sold us this new set said it burns much eaiser than a smaller set. So the question is does anyone have any experience with older...
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    If you dont want this on the message board delete it but I gotta give my two cents, Isreal is suffering a series of violent terroist attacks right now and I'd like to point out to anyone trying to claim its Isreal's fault the following points. 1) These are Terrorist attacks of the most vile...
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    A new Trick ?

    MY brother was messing with my saturn and he figured out that games with only one Track can be switched as follows - Commerical game in - until the THree flashes for copyright protection and then switch in the copied game , He showed me this on a Model 1, Using a Demo Disk for the commercial...