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    DDR Max 2 7th Mix Question

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has sampled the attract music for DDR Max 2 7th Mix? I have checked, and almost everyone has overlooked this track (But has the actual songs). The music plays only during the score ranking listings.
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    And so it begins!

    It seems as predicted, the FTP is starting to get back to its old self. As of now (12/01/02 - 4:27) there are 4 people browsing th FTP forum, and no one else anywhere (less me of course). And it seems all the people currently logged in who are able to see to FTP are newbies.
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    Shenmue II - Map Glitch!?!

    Hey guys, I was playing Shenmue II, and I noted that even after buying a map, it doesn't always show up as a mini map on my left side of the screen where I can mark locations down. Is this a glitch or do I have to use the map or equip it or something? It seems only the first few areas show the...
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    Ironically interesting!

    Heh, it seems VCDHelp has similar forum problems of their own. The only diffrence is it seems managment has the right idea, and their admin Lieutenants are out in full force. Man, they run a tight clean ship. Their rules even include...
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    ŽOš Žu!

    <font face="Courier" size=3 color="White"> Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was very familiar with the rules for the game ŽOš Žu? It's very complicated, and I wanted to find someone who could detail some aspects of the economy and functions (Such as laying seige to a city) clearly. Im...
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    再見螢火蟲 Sorry, posted this screwed up message by mistake! Edit: Better delete the corrupted message and write something at least a bit more intresting! <font face="Courier" size=3 color="White"> ;, .,, ,,;, ,, '||: :||||;;;::; ,,, ;|...
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    Windows 2000 (DOS Config)

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how to configure the dos box in Windows 2000, so that the file listings (DIR) comes out like Windows 98? In Windows NT the file listing is odd (reversed) from regular 98/Dos, with date first, time, directory, file size, name, ect. Thanks, I really appreciate it!
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    Dreamcast Development (Boot Screen)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone whos into DC Dev can tell me how people were able to modify the boot up screen on dreamcasts? I was under the asumption the boot screen code was bit-for-bit compared to a copy loaded onboard the Dreamcast?
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    Front Mission --> Equiping items!

    Front Mission --> Equiping items! Hi, I was recently playing Front Mission for the Super Famicom, and I was wondering how to equip items you find durring battle, or items you already have in stock? When I goto the shop, it only lets me goto the setup screen where I can exchange items for new...
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    ROM Modifications on SUPER UFO 32+

    Hi, I recently got intrested again, so I tried to load a ROM image which was modified from the original (Language Patch). I padded the image out to the next highest megabit, and continued as normal. When I loaded the game on my SUPER UFO 32, it stopped at the 3rd disk, and tried to load the...
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    Positive ID Required for SFC AC Adapter!

    Hi guys, I can't get my cousins SFC to power up. We are using a 850ma AC with Center as negetive 10v. We tried changing the polarity as well with no luck. The power light does not turn on. I think someone mentioned you need 1.3ma? or 9v? Can anyone positivly check this with their own Japanese...
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    SNES/GENESIS Power Adapter

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the specs for a SNES AC Power Adapter and the specs for a model 1 Genesis? Thanks,
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    Game Doctor SF III

    Hey guys, My little cousin got a Game Doctor SF III, but I never used those brand of Disk Copiers. It didn't come with instructions so does anyone know what It can do? Also it didn't come with a power adapter, but the back says "DC IN: 9v ~ 12V , 850 mA ~ 1.5 A". Im assuming the ~ signs between...
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    HK Silvers = CD-R = Not allowed?

    Hey guys, On the buy and sell forum, I was wondering if HK Silvers and Unlicensed Hardware and software are also considered banned (Like CD-Rs/ISOs/ect). I’m just curious because I have a stack of 60+ HK SS Silvers, which I haven’t even touched yet (Not in a binder, I mean literally a stack...
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    San guo yan yi

    Hey guys, Has anyone played "San Guo Yan Yi" for the SS? It seems to me like a really hard game to learn. I don't even know where to begin! There are too much things to remember like Food, Economies, weapons, armies, diplomatic relations, spies, recruiting... Its funny. When I play the game, it...
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    Jim993 --> answer to your noodle cooking question!

    Jim993 --> answer to your noodle cooking question! Hi Jim993, Thanks for your Instant Message. Its the most oddest one I have received so far! As for your answer, im assuming these are not pre-packaged? If they are pre-packaged noodles they tell you the instructions on the back. The...
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    Sufami cart system - asian famicom add on device.

    Hi guys, Here is another "HK You probably won't see this..." deals for you. Here is a picture of an Asian Sufami cart system for the famicom. Games were modularized so you don't pay extra for the same chips over and over. In addition, it has two ports so you can plug in 2 carts at the same...
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    Pirate vcd/music/game ect ect system!

    Hey guys, Here is something interesting. Its a Chinese StudyPlay unit! In case you don't know what it is (Of course you don't know what it is), its a sleek looking box which will play Mega Drive Games (CD-ROMS), Video Disks (Movies), Music CDs, as well as comes with learning software! Of course...
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    Pirate chinese dvds in wallmart!?!

    Hey guys, This is pretty funny. I walked into a Wallmart, and they are trying to sell Chinese movies (No doubt since there is a trend towards stars like Jet-Li, ect). Anyway, just to humour myself, I looked at some of the movies (all must be crappy and dubbed). To my supprise they were selling...
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    More things you can't get at places like lik-sang!

    More things you can't get at places like lik-sang! Hey guys! Again, here is some cute intresting stuff that you won't find at any of the crummy english import store like Lik-Sang. It looks normal enough, but its really a Mega CD which has been modded at a Chinese store to play all regions! It...