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    Star Control

    hi, i think im a little late with this one, but anyway here's a link for the new port of starcontrol 2 (this will work on WinXP i think). An interesting open source project. The developer behind sc2 donated the source and media to the community. star control 2 website regards Cristobal
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    best dc rpg?

    Yep, Skies Of Arcadia is fantastic and I think it's better than Grandia 2. Anyway, my fav DC game is Shenmue but I wouldn't call it a RPG. It's just a... er... let me think... well, it's one of the best games ever.[/b] I found Shenmue to be very beautiful, but somewhat BORING, going to town to...
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    Burning Rangers

    I like this game. I like the pop music, and the chars. The controls are very responsive, which I felt very special on those "tomb raider" and other Mario64 clones. While the camera angles sometimes leaves you blind (specially when jumping backwards) I feel it was pretty ok for those years. But...
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    are there any *good* faq to make this baby playable? i've seen this game over here (original jap) real cheap because noone knows how to play it... rgds
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    I have this game called "Omakase saviours!" 3 sailor-moon type girls (REAL jap girls) become super heroines to save ... something i cannot understand because its all in japanese. But its amusing seeing the intro FMV, jap chicks dressing for high school, j-pop music, etc guess its rare because...