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    VGR & SX

    VGR & SX Listen, I am just plain tired of the bickering back and forth. Each of our sites has a niche and while the legality of SX's niche is a rubbing point with me, we should be able to comfortably coexist without constantly butting heads. As the head of VGR I am from this point forwarding...
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    VGR Hosting Secured

    Watch this space
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    Micro Machines

    Discuss..great on the Nomad..lots of fun.
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    Burning Rangers

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    Dragon Force

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    Bored at concert

    Using a new imac at the Area2 concert in Camden NJ. moby, David Bowie, blue man Group are going to be playing later. Can you tell i'm bored?
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    Change of Rule

    Not sure why this rule was made in the first place but I am now allowing eBay links to be posted in the Selling Forum. Now before you go, "but Mr. Quixo, what does moderation mean?" let me explain it. It means if you are a professional game seller I will not allow you to se this forum as a...
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    Discussion for the News Topic

    Personally I thought the author of the report that Hollywood Hansey posted on the Main Page is either missing key pieces of Sega's vision or is just plan misinformed. First off, the assertion that people do not want the Sega Sonic Collection I believe is terribly shortsighted. This game WILL...
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    1st Change at SX

    As some of (but not many) may have noticed. the exclusive "ftpa" forum is now gone. Do not take this to mean that I am anti-ftp, but rather I am against the elitism that such a forum creates. If you want to run an ftp fine and dandy...stick it in the ftp forum, but if you want to be above the...