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    Last day of the GameFAQs character battle.

    So... GameFAQs poll is nearly over. Have you voted yet? I would have thought Mario would be winning, seeing as Mario Sunshine just came out and all. But it's 60%-40% right now for Zelda.
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    Anybody here have a Double Pro Fighter?

    I recently picked up a Double Pro Fighter (a Genesis/SNES copier). Unfortunatly it's just the core unit, without the Genesis or SNES adapters or the power pack. Does anybody know where I could get the adapters for it? Or, if you have adapters for it can you look in them for me? They should be...
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    Best ways to get spam?

    In a bout of utter boredom I've started a hotmail account and I'm trying to flood it with as much spam as possible It's kinda hard to do as there is no real way to contact spammers. So what I'm wondering is where do you think you've had spammers get your email addy from? In case you're...
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    Two sega cd shadowrun games?

    Hmmm, I was just dumpster diving recently and I discovered some idiot threw out some old Japanese issues of Saturn Fan, so I grabbed em While skimming through them (I don't read Japanese) I discovered this ad And here's a closer look at the bottom corner One game looks like the Genny...