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    G-Smart 2.1 MP D30 Digital Camera NEW!

    I recived this as a gift directy from Hong Kong, however since I already own a Camera, I have no need for it. The Camera is as following: Taiwanese G-Smart D30 Pocket LCD Digital Camera: 2.1 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor (3.0 Mega Pixel Hardware Enhancement mode) Fine: 2048 X 1536 (Hardware...
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    SNES CRC FIX --> Needed? How To?

    SNES CRC FIX --> Needed? How To? Hey guys, I have an SNES image which has been modified so it no longer passes CRC checks. Does the SNES Console only run games which have a valid CRC? If so, is there a way to re-calculate it and instert the new value into the SNES Image so it can pass the...
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    Ikaruga --> Preorders!

    Ikaruga --> Preorders! Hey, Just wondering how many people actualy preordered for this game. I think most people might cancel though, since the game ether won't ship, or will ship at 3x the cost or something crazy. I'd hate to have been a poor sole who ordered from Lik-Sang because they...
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    Hey guys, I was intrested in the WonderSwan due to its slim size, but does it have any fighting games other than Guilty Gear Petite? Also, are games still made for it, or is it considered finished in its life cycle? I know it has many RPG games, but it also has Tatical simulators as well as a...
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    Famicom G-CD Unit.

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a Famicom G-CD Unit? I was wondering, do those things actualy work better than a regular Super GameBoy? The only drawback I can think of would be that you can't plug in a Game Doctor x, UFO, or Wildcard into the system because the G-CD is on top.
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    TOC Editing app for BINs?

    Hey guys, I was wondering, is there an app which would let you edit the TOC of a BIN file? So that you could change the filesizes/pointers ect?
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    CD-ROM File System.

    Hey, I was wondering if someone knew how to use a program like ISO Buster or something similar to strip/delete the File System structure out of an BIN Image? Thanks!
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    Erosion of gamers – Why SX is starting to suck.

    With due respect for the hard work of all the people who contribute to SX, I think there is a serious decline in the quality of this website. One of the biggest “attraction” to SX is sadly the FTP section. When people are not in the FTP section, they are in another part of the board asking...
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    Yamaha CD engraver unit?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had articals or the model number of the new Yamaha CD-R Burners which also support CD-R engraving?
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    Selling Chinese "Pass-Through" mods.

    I was reading the other post, and if Cecilia dosn't want to goto the trouble of selling things like mods, maybe I might be intrested. However, her points are very valid. It won't be worthwhile unless people are intrested and will pay. If anyone is intrested in getting a mod, please feel free to...
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    Street Fighter CN!

    Not that I think anyone goes here, but SF China's message board has neat smilys so you can explain combos and moves. Maybe SX could try something inovative like that. Here is a link to what I mean (Otherwise, you'd probably just get lost)
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    CRC Calculatations

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to calculate the CRC of a file?
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    Pirate games with odd mappers?!

    Hi, I was wondering why so many pirate games use odd mappers which don't seem to be supported? Is there a reason for this?
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    FTP abuse!?

    Hey guys, I noted that people are starting to abuse the FTP Forum. People claiming to be newbies are setting up FTPs just so they can ask people to upload games as a test. And then after they pretend the "testing" phase is over, they say something stupid like "I'v decided to also include...
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    Dracula X Question!

    Hi, Im playing Dracula X with the Character Maria, and I was wondering how can you open the door which is blocking the silver ring? Also I was wondering what do you need to do to beat the game? After you head to the inverted castle where do you have to work your way to in order to fight a boss...
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    "So... if my broken mod doesn't work after trying to fix it.... I can't get another!?!?! CRAP! I'm gonna try and order another one anyway." CC is right, you can't order them anymore. If you read the news from their page it says: "We regret to inform all customers that we have ceased sales...
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    ExCyber --> Copyprotected disks.

    Hi, Im currently developing software and Im very intrested in the types of techniqes that you can do to make software copyprotected. Is there some special way to burn a CD that has data that isn't directly copyied from CD-ROM to CD-R? I thought about making an odd track ordered CD, but Im...
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    Transfering SS Casing to another unit.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how hard/easy/problem areas that I would have if I decided to change the outer shell of the saturn with another? The model numbers are identical, just the casing is diffrent colors. Thanks,
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    CD-RW Modification questions!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the CD-RW Mod for the Saturn, and how safe/dangerous it is, and how it effects the life of the system (Asuming you do it right) :) If the trade offs arn't great, maybe its better to do this to all your systems? Thanks,
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    JVC "Twin Operator" VCD Daughter Card

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the JVC "Twin Operator" VCD Daughter card can play both PAL and NTCS Video disks? Is the JVC VCD Card the same as the Victor models? I currently have a Victor RG-VC2 card which does not have PAL playback. The later versions RG-VC20 and RG-VC3...