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    Anyone still have CWX's Langrisser III patch?

    Someone visited the board earlier today asking about L3. I was going to refer him to the patch but couldn't find it. I know it's long discontinued. SegaXtreme used to host it before the site exploded, so curious if anyone has it laying around. Thanks. *Edit: Found it...
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility If anyone else owns one of these adapters, could you let me know which controllers works for you and which don't? I've already gone through my collection and translated the official compatibility list so the list has a fair start. Of course, I only...
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    Was this game ever released?

    I recently stumbled on these screens while viewing a zip archive of a 1998 website. The game in question is Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan, as very famous Chinese RPG by SoftStar. According to the text, these were for a Sega Saturn version that was apparantly going to be released in Japanese. Did this...
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    Current modboard vendors?

    Does anyone know what stores are currentl stocking the mod boards? I went through the first few pages on google but pretty much everyone was out of stock. I fried a modboard (somehow) a year ago and mean't to replace it but never did yet. I think it was caused by my lens cable being messed up...
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    Sonic Eraser English patch

    I got bored this morning so I ripped through the ROM that Sonic CuLT released two days ago. I don't know if anyone else already translated it or if someone was in progress translating it, so oh well. For anyone who wants it, you can download it at
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    Updated my tile graphic tool Done a heck of a lot with this since the last time I posted about it. Noteably color. It supports any tile format you want to make a simple definition for up to 16 colors in both linear and planar format. I used it to dump the font from Rhapsody of Zephyr on...
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    Possibly useful for anyone doing a translation This has been the product of a few weeks work. It's for dumping tile based fonts and has a simple custome tile pattern format so you can add support for tiles that have an odd bit ordering. The main useful feature is that it can dump from absolutely any tile...
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    Horrible new games

    What the hell has posessed Sega to grant license to this slew of shitty new DC games that is erupting month after month. If they had killed the DC a year ago and stopped granting licenses to new games, it could have died an honorable, memorable death. Now, month after month we're seeing...
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    DTPK format on Dreamcast?

    Does anyone have any idea what this is? I was hoping listing to some of the Virtua Fighter 3 BGM would be simple but they're apparantly using a strange format instead of the usual AFS. Has anyone ever heard of DTPK or know anything that can play it?
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    Sega press releases?

    Does anyone know who I would contact about this? I couldn't find anything on I'm hoping to subscribe to their press release list.
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    Looking for Cha Cha Maracas

    I was going to pick up two sets from Lik-Sang since the price was $48. Then I found out Lik-Sang wanted another $48 to ship it here. I think that price is a bit BS since I shipped a Neo-Geo CD system with 4 games all int he bigass box for less than that but oh well. Looking to buy two sets of...
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    Disc Juggler 3.0/3.5

    Padus in their infinite wisdom does not keep any old versions of theirsoftwar eon their website. Unfortunatly their new wonder, 4.0, cannot burn one 3.x image. Does anyone know where I could find something between 3.0 and 3.5? Language doesn't matter.
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    Hacking DDR Pads

    Continuing my series of console controller hacks, I decided to wire a DDR pad into my SNES/PC. Why? I mean no dancing games could use it right? Of course none could. But no I can play Xtreme Bokosuka Wars. The pad I chose was the cheapo MadCatz pad. If you were to get something like the Naki...
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    Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden I got bored yet again and made another Ryuuko no Ken video. This time for Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden (Art of Fighting 3). Yes, the BGM is in Spanish. I thought it fitting with the game being set in Mexico and all. Oh yeah, it's WIndows Media 9 so you...
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    I have sinned...

    I was fucking around yesterday when I decide to stop by Fuckoland (now apparantly GameStop) where I found a Sega Genesis arcade stick for $2.99. $2.99?! What a buy! Too bad I don't own a Sega Genesis! Then I remembered... I own a soldering iron... I bought the stick and took it home to...
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    I'm an anarcho-commi leftist! What are you?

    I'm an anarcho-commi leftist! What are you? Economic Left/Right: -5.50 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.08
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    Anyone else tried it yet?
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    Need some info on 3DO games

    I've been working on a database of 2d linear action platform games and have finished indexing MSX, MSX2, Lynx, Jaguar, SNES, NES, Gamegear, Master System, CD-i, PCE, and a hoarde of others. I just got around to working on 3DO but I don't really know any 3DO games or where I could look for a page...
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    Rage of the Dragons High Score Challange

    Well, it's been dumped for 3 days now so you all should have had adequate time to practice. The highest possible score looks to be 999,999 given allmost all your points come from post-round rank bonus and you don't really get shit for time or life (it's pretty small, only around 20,000). Maybe...
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    SNK vs Capcom MVS release date?

    Has anyone heard when this will be? It was announced ot be released this year so I imagine we should be hearing about it soon but all anyone's been talking about is KOF2002.