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    Problem with Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday pack

    Hy there, Its been a while... I've just bought the Sonic adventure birthday pack at lik sang and it has a big bug in the last episode: When you have to play as Eggman he just fall trough the stage and die!! I know this problem exists in a rip. But this one is original (and new in box)!!! :huh...
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    DVD Problems

    When I try to see any DVD with windvd it show no video at all, only sound. PowerDVD gives me a message like: Your TV output cant be disabled and this copy protected DVD wont run..... The problem is that this hapened with ALL DVD I've tried. Can somebody help me?? :ph34r:
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    Lunar in English?

    Is there an English version of Lunar (both of them) for Saturn? I know there is for Plystation( :angry: ). but I don't know about Saturn.....
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    SMS emulator for Saturn

    Anyone knows a SMS emulator for saturn that works with Phantasy Star? I got that one which you rename a rom as sonic.sms but it din't work. Can anybody helpme?
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    Saturn Joy on Pc

    I was thinking about adaptating a saturn joy on pc, I found one "map" of pins to stain with the saturn joy plug, but I didn't find a tutorial. Does anyone knows how to do it?
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    Saturn Burn Broblem

    I've burned some games with alcohol 120% and some worked and others had no sound, but if I mount a virtual drive with the .cue and burn "on the fly" at Easy cd creator the game works. DO some of you know what's going on? here's one of the cue sheets that have this problem... (Daytona) FILE...
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    Emulation Forum

    What do you think about having one forum just for emulation issues?? It would make things easy to find out about sega emulators, projects and problems.......
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    Phantasy Star Collection

    Is there a phantasy star collection in english or just in japanese???? Anyone knows any site about saturn translations?
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    Linux Burning

    Anyone knows if there's any problem in burning saturn games in linux? I works when burning from images or I need to burn "on the fly" from a cd or a virtual drive?
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    Can somebody help me to burn saturn cds?

    I've tried to burn saturn games but nothing works. I have a iso/wav game, but even making a cue with sega cuemaker e cant load the cue on a virtual drive ( samplin rate must be 44100???????) or burn it with nero. Somebody know what to do?