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    Snk Vs Capcom Chaos For Dreamcast

    ---Do your part send an email to asking for Snk Vs Capcom Chaos for Dreamcast--- Judging playmore's continued support of the dreamcast via the KOF series it is safe to say that there is a possibility of them porting this awesome fighter to dreamcast. So please guys, do...
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    I am looking for corpse killer on 3do, does anybody know where I can buy it, definetely where I can buy it not the I heard or usually where. Because I have looked on ebay w/o avail. I am willing to buy it on this board to so just speak up. Also I want to buy this game because it looks SOOOOO...
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    Do You Prefer This Forum to....The other one?

    I go to sometimes but I like this one, everyone is reallly rude there. What do you guys think?
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    Where To Get Cheap?!?!?!

    Hey Where Can I Get Cheap- Saturn, Neo CD, Dreamcast and NeoGeo Pocket games? I am wondering offline, in the St.Louis area also I am looking for online if you cant tell me where off. PLEEZ IF YOU KNOW WHERE THERE ARE CHEAP SATURN GAMES TELL ME :help (They dont have to be rare just cheap) -THANX-
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    8 meg expansion cart? How about 64!!!!!!

    Has anyone homebrewed a ram cart? How much is possible, 24, 64, 256?!?!?! I was just wondering I believe it would e a really cool project to do. -thanx-
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    I have an AES and 2 games I heard you could play online via emulators so I got NEORAGE X. My question is how do you use the online function? Please anyone who has played online explain it to me. -Tanks-
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    Return Fire?

    Yo how is it coming?
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    Samurai Shodown?

    How is Samurai Shodown on 3do compared to the other ports and the neogeo cd and aes version? Is it worth getting a 3do for? How bout other 2d fighting games or neogeo ports? Is the controller good for fighting games? -Thanx-
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    RAM expansion?

    I have a 4mb, Ive seen an 8mb I have heard of the fabled VF3 expansion that came 3d accelerator as well. I was wondering how big the ram expansions got, 16mb maybe? Is it possible to mod one to oh say 64mb vram? That would be the ultimate for emulation. IF anyone has a large ram set or has...
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    I would buy Return Fire for $80 if you put in 4 player support, saturn two-tv hookup for 4 or 8 players and a map editor for pc and netlink support although I know it would be tough. OK maybe not netlink if its not possible but 80 for everything else.