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    13in1 4in1, HUH? WHAT?

    someone i know ordered from lan-kwei to get a 3in1 and they were shipped a 13in1 (which is not listed on their site) and at lik-sang they have a 4in1, which cart do i get, which one is of better quality
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    which memory card should i get?

    it doesn't seem to work, i want to get another mem card (not a 4in1 or whatever in 1, i want to be able to save directly) what memory card (type and manufacturor) should i get?
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    anyone else hear about this?

    yeah, my cdx doesn't like backups but the same backups work fine on my friends sega cd model 2
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    real life trivia... am i broken?

    quote: "The Sega Cd plays music cd's without any problems whatsoever. However, when I tried to load a Sega Cd game I got a screen that said that the RAM needed to be initialized and that this can be done through the controll panel. I could'nt figure out how to do this. I think it is a minor...
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    what can my sega cdx do?

    i know it can play genesis and sega cd games, but can it play 32x games without the 32x expansion? someone on eBay said it could without the expansion. and my friend was telling me about this combo system JVC, JCV or something that is a sega genesis and sega cd combined together in one unit...
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    The Sega CD control panel...

    my instructions for the sega cd backup ram cart say to access the control panel, how the hell do i do that i've tried for hours, i'm using a SEGA CDX
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    does this mean my internal battery is dead?

    every time my saturn starts i have to re-enter my system info (language, date, and time) i think this means my battery is dead, does anyone know the type of battery a Saturn takes?
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    which Ram cart do i buy?

    i was thinking about this one: that one is from lik-sang but i need more info from people who have bought it or have an alternative, i want to ask around before i get it
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    what game is this?

    i remember playing a game over my neighbor's house years ago (maybe 5?) i had almost beat the game in one sitting and i thought it was a pretty cool game, i totally forgot the name or what system it was on, i was hoping someone could help me out the main hero was this little kid with a really...
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    could someone list some good sega cd rpgs?

    list em please
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    do sega cd games need a memory card

    when i get my sega cdx do i also need memory cards to play sega cd games?
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    Do you need a modchip when using a CDX?

    do i need a modchip to play Sega CD games if i use a Sega CDX as opposed to just a regular Sega CD attached to the genesis?
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    buy from Lik Sang?

    is a good place to get my hands on a : "Saturn Action Replay 4M plus Action Replay cheat function Auto switch 1M and 4M Expension RAM card built-in (for Capcom Fighting games, Metal Slug and others) 4M memory card function allows playback of import games compatible with all...
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    WOW!!! this whole damn message board....

    you could always just ignore me instead of critisizing
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    what's the easiest way to play CD-rw without a mod

    what's the easiest way to play CD-rw without a mod which one is easier and has a higher success rate?
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    memory card plus? ram card?

    what exactly does the mem card plus do, and i think the ram card is used for some fighting games
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    ?Derby Saturn?

    i think swapping with the model 2 i'm getting is gonna be hard, do any of you know what the Derby Saturn from is like, i might just want to purchase that
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    Swap trick ? huh?

    how does the swap trick work, could someone explain it in detail, ill be getting a model 1 (not circle buttons, but oval ones) from ebay soon and i want to play some cd-rw games, ill understand if you don't want to help/ throw rocks at me