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    New PS2 game from Sega

    This looks more like the sort of interesting title Sega has been severely lacking in doing as of late. Here's hoping it gets a release outside of Japan.
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    I suddenly want an XBox

    They somehow managed to make one that looks nice. Apparently this is coming out here in PAL Land on March 14th and will be limited edition (probably 'limited edition' like the satin PS2's that you can only get.. well, everywhere actually). Comes with 2 crystal controllers too. Now maybe if...
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    What game is this?

    Someone's selling this and I know I've seen it somewhere before, but I can't remember what it is and it's really winding me up. The seller doesn't know what it is either.. Any Japanese speakers, lend a hand please :)
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    Deus Ex: Invisible War demo

    There's been quite a backlash about it in the last few days. Mainly people saying how it seems to be a crap port of the Xbox version (with good reason, in a lot of ways). The game's gone gold now though, too late to do much about it. I've been really looking forward to this for a while, but I'm...
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    Save my Saturn..

    Alright, a while back I bought a white Japanese Saturn on eBay and straight away it started having a few problems where it was saying the lid was open when it was closed and vice-versa. I opened it up to have a look and (apart from noticing that there was a mod installed) it seemed the switch...
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    To the forum Aussies

    Fear the boots! :P Sorry to everyone in the US, since this will mean practically zilch to them ;)
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    Too much visual information..

    Just searching around, and happened across this page. Be warned all hormone-filled teens on the site, this might make you go blind ;). The idea's fair enough, but pictures?? That's going a bit far.. And I was searching for stuff on Rez, before anyone says anything. I was not searching for...
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    Sega feature in Edge

    This month Edge has run a feature with some interviews from over in Japan as well as Sega Europe, with some pretty interesting stuff. Here's some bits and pieces.. Hisao Oguchi: Toshihiro Nagoshi: Yuji Naka: Yu Suzuki: Sega Europe COO Naoya Tsurumi and marketing director Matthew...
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    Where to go for POP3 email?

    Since my current one is getting more and more flooded with crap, I need to set myself up a new email address.. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or preferences about sites that offer it, though I do need it to be POP3. Cheers :)
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    Weird Virtua Fighter remake

    From Spong:
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    Anyone interested in this?

    I've been meaning to ask before, but Toshihiro Nagoshi has been writing a monthly column in Edge magazine over here and I thought some of you might be interested in reading a few of them (I think I've got 5 or 6 issues lying around). If so, I can scan them but I'd need to send them to someone to...
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    Border Down

    Another September, another late DC shooter it seems. Apparently Famitsu says Border Down will be out on September 25th Piccies.
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    Killer biscuits

    I can really imagine my blonde girlfriend doing this.
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    Pet hates..

    Lately I've been getting incredibly pissed off with half-finished PC games being released with the intention of 'fixing them later.. maybe' with patches or 'upgrades'. This isn't anything new obviously, but it's just seeming really noticable at the moment. Example 1: I bought Metal Gear...
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    Some of you will have no doubt seen this today. Info here and here. To me this looks like good news for Nintendo (and possibly Sega in the long run), since MS and Sony seem intent on making multimedia systems rather than gaming ones. Hopefully the pure gaming market will be left a little more...
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    Like Jetpac? Like Mario?

    Super Mario Pac. Great fun
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    New Sega hardware?

    Check out the story over at Spong. Even if there's only a small chance, I'm excited .
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    Does this seem wierd?

    Report that Sony is releasing a new PS2 model with DVD-R, DVD-RW etc. support. Surely this is a bizarre move from a piracy standpoint?
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    Final Fantasy XI Beta test

    Check it out. Thought someone here might be interested . I actually considered trying to figure out a fake American alter-ego so I could do it since I've been waiting on this for ages, but I doubt I'd get away with it.
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    Going back to Windows 98..

    I've tweaked and tweaked XP, but I still can't get it running anything like how I'd like it to. Stable enough, but hogs too many resources so I've decided to bite the bullet and go back to 98SE with 98lite. I know my program compatability will be much better with 98, but I'm a little concerned...