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    cdx question

    this is kind of an obvious question, but does the 32X work with the cdx? i'm not concerned with playing SCD32X games, just the cart ones. danke! :banana
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    first person to respond to this gets a box in the mail of all my burnt saturn, sega cd, turbo cd, and PC-CD games. i'll even front the shipping cause i'm such a nice guy.
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    Modded PSone Ultra Combo Value Pack

    that's right, i need to sell this stuff quick, so someone pleeeeeeeeeeease buy this off me or at least entertain the offer. i can't sell it on ebay due to the nature of the item (i don't think they really smile upon modded consoles over there), so i'm forced to try and sell it through these...
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    more stuff for sale

    a few more things left lying around. i'll be adding more stuff like a boxed 3DO FZ-1, a CD-i, and a couple other systems/games in the future. also, if anyone on here wants to trade for any of this stuff, i'm looking for saturn games. shoot me a list if you're interested. ebay!
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    what the gosh is this?

    HUH? never seen one o them before.
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    Final Fantasy Origins v. FF I&II: Dawn of Souls

    Final Fantasy Origins v. FF I&II: Dawn of Souls just curious as to which i should get.
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    WTB: XBOX Wireless Adapter

    looking to pick this thing up. anybody got one? i'd be willing to buy a loose one or a boxed one, but i don't wanna pay the hundred bucks for a new one. i've got stuff on ebay so i'd be willing to trade for some stuff. lemme know...
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    Video Game Trading Cards

    hi. rummaging through some old stuff around here and i found a stack of video game trading cards. i'd love to scan these and put them up somewhere, but i do not have a scanner, nor do i feel i'd like to go to kinko's and pay to have it done. soooooooo, if anyone on here would like to scan...
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    it's that time again

    it's that time again Everything is on or will be on ebay now! if i haven't been in contact with you via email or pm, then ebay is the way to go now. i will be adding stuff periodically. thanks to those who bought stuff from me!!
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    someone buy these!!!

    wooooo!!! sega visions!!!!
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    PAL question

    okay! so let's say i have a US saturn and want to play a PAL game (say, Formula Karts SE) on my US saturn and my US TV. would installing a 50/60 Hz switch work? or do i need a different TV? or something? i know next to nothing about PAL and it's mysterious ways.
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    anyone? i don't speak much german, just a few dirty phrases. heh
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    Fusion vs. Gens

    i think i'm running with fusion right now, as it seems to have better 32X compatibility, SMS and GG support, and that Steve Snake polish that you just don't get with Gens. :D i do prefer the 2xSAI viewing mode in Gens to anytyhing else. has anyone had any compatibility problems with Sega...
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    okay, on another board that i post on, we do these like every week or so. just to let everyone know what you've been listening to within the last week, sometimes adding what you've been watching as far as TV, movies, or what games you've been playing. it's pretty fun, and it's a good...
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    Misery Signals

    i think this rules. i don't really care for the last track or the vocals throughout so much but i think the guitar parts, drumming, and basic songwriting are fucking stellar. if you like metal or hardcore or whatever you should check this out. the lyrics are kinda silly though.
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    Converting PAL to NTSC

    this is a total newb question and i've done a quick search, but i really have no knowledge of these things. is it possible to take an image of a saturn game and convert it from PAL video to NTSC? there's some sort of thing for PSone games but i don't know if there's a similar process that...
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    hay guyz

    hey everyone, i am in erfurt, germany right now and i will be travelling around for the next month. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for any PAL-only games that i should be on the look for. i don't really need anything ultra-rare, just looking for good games that i can't get in the...
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    aaron's rummage extravaganza

    aaron's rummage extravaganza I can’t really justify keeping all of this stuff anymore, so I’m getting out of the “collection” portion of the hobby and concentrating a bit more on the “playing” bit. As a result, here’s what I have for sale right now to try and get me a little...
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    the rules clearly state that ebay links will be allowed in moderation, and i don't believe i've posted an ebay link on here for quite some time, so here you go. bada bing i'll be putting more stuff up when those items are done. and under the provisions of ebay, i don't think i can afford to...
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    black sabbath

    is better than pretty much any band, ever. true story.