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    Vbt can i

    Can I get the source to your Nes emulator. Yes if you read my previous post ,you'll see that im working on a ngpc emu, but I want to use you emulator first to try my ideas because it already ported I just want to modify a little before i take on the working on such a major port. thank you
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    4-mb Ram Cart

    Is there any way to incorporate in to home dev. I'm planning to work on a ngpc emu but I want to use the whole system ram for the emu and other stuff and the 4 mb ram cart for roms, but i dont want to make it if i cant use the 4-mb ram cart.
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    FS: 2 broken Ps2s and & broken Dc

    FS: 2 broken Ps2s and & broken Dc I'm doing some clean and im getting rid of some stuff, first thing are these ps2s they're just getting in my wat and so is this dc. one ps2 power but no controller response,and the other doesnt power, lose the screwa. dc needs as spindle an controller port and...
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    Is there Any way

    Is there any way that i can hook up Genny controller to my pc through the DB-9 serial port. Any driver or any thing
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    WTB: Sega Saturn Power supply Model 2

    I was just looking for one cause mine burnt out.
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    I was thinking about deving, and i only have a cd/dvd burner, and no ar to test code, so i was going to try to write a netlink loader or web page or something that allows netlink to load demos with out burning cd with tiny test demos. Just a test though, i working with it. Let me know what you...
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    saturn help

    it comes on and turns right in a flick,like one-off not to fast but a constant repetive sequence.plz help
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    The way I see it, Sony trying to make a xbox out of the ps2. Just read about it psx.